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  1. About 40. Add a couple for DC and Puerto Rico, I guess. Easier to count the ones I *haven’t* visited.

  2. Checked off North Dakota on my last cross-country trip this summer, leaving just Alaska.

  3. 40 plus DC of the lower 48, Hawaii and Alaska brings it to 42.
    I have only lived in 5.

  4. 37 plus Washington D.C. Have lived in California, Hawaii, and Texas, and have relatives in Alaska, so have been to the more far-flung states, but not New England or a few of the northern Midwestern states.

  5. Hmm, Texas (yes, I’m from there but since bugging out to SoCal, I’ve had ‘visits’ back…), Louisiana, Mississippi, Alabama, Florida, Virginia, Maryland, Illinois, California, Colorado, Nevada, New Mexico, Arizona…so, 13 in all, thus far. I’ve left NY and NJ off, as I was all of 6 mos old when we swung through.

  6. 25 + DC.
    The ones I missed, testing my postal abbreviations knowledge:
    I don’t count train rides or I could DE and MD.

  7. BlackSheepOne broke me out of my USA definition of “state”. I’ve also been across the bridge from El Paso to Juarez (think the state is Ciudad Juarez?) and also across the border from Corpus Christi (can’t remember the name of the city or state).
    Also been to Montreal. And was on a whale-watching boat tour in the islands between Washington State and Victoria, BC so there is a possibility that I may have been in the waters of British Columbia although only set foot on the San Juan islands / Friday Harbor.
    So add 2 Mexican states, 1 definite Canadian state and 1 Canadian State that I came close to but probably didn’t actually set foot in.

  8. I have not been to Alaska, ND, SD, Idaho, Oregon, or Washington.
    44 must be the magic number.

  9. MapleStreet: Ciudad Juarez used to be known as “The Pass of the North,” then was renamed after Mexico’s president Benito Juarez. It’s in Chihuahua and adjoins El Paso, Texas, home of Biggs Army Airfield / Ft. Bliss /the south end of White Sands Missile Range. El Paso is one of the safest cities in the US; Ciudad Juarez for several years was one of the most dangerous in Mexico, even more so than Nuevo Laredo.
    Corpus Christi … ours is on the Gulf Coast. Yours?

  10. BlackSheep, I was vague in my point. With El Paso almost the extreme western point of Texas (let me call it more central Mexico as the border goes further west to the Pacific) and Corpus Christi on the Gulf Coast (and hence the border town near the extreme east of the USA / Mexico border, I’m assuming that the nearby border towns are in 2 different states.

  11. Oh, should qualify for the NSA:
    My trip to El Paso included an afternoon in Juarez and was 25, maybe 30 years ago. I might have made it 2 miles into Juarez but more likely only made it a mile into the city. Strictly on the main road with stands of artisans selling objects to American tourists. Strictly with the “normal” precautions of traveling in groups, etc. At the time it wasn’t unusual for folks from El Paso to go to Juarez for a night at the bars.
    It was only recently I looked at El Paso with the Google maps satellite picture. Was shocked to see how huge Juarez is.
    Then, like you say, there is now enough in the news about Juarez that you couldn’t get me to voluntarily go there (or to a lot of other places in Mexico). I feel deeply that a lot of folks in Mexico relied heavily on tourism dollars and, largely due to crime/gang-type violence, a lot of folks are realistically afraid to go there.

  12. 42. I’ve mostly skipped the South (Mississippi, Louisiana, Alabama, Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, Kentucky (only changed planes in Tennessee so probably shouldn’t count that…except with an emergency landing, I was stranded there for many many hours). I told myself, when I was 12 and watching the marches and beatings on the news in the early 60’s and after reading Black Like Me, that I wouldn’t go to the South. Hasn’t been hard to keep that thought. But I lived on an island off the north coast of Alaska! And in Butte, Montana. And now in the south South Pacific. First twenty years in what is now Brownbackistan (Kansas). Truly can’t go home again.

  13. I haven’t seen all of Texas yet …but I’ve seen a fair amount of what’s nearby.
    First, in between most of the rest, and always home, there’s Texas.
    New Mexico … I was three, or so, for a funeral the first time we went there. In my teens and 20s we lived less than an hour from the state line, and often went to livestock auctions or orchards in New Mexico.
    Oklahoma … on the way to Missouri, where we lived awhile. It was always in the way of getting home.
    Missouri … Ozark mountains, McDonald County. Land of rock, tree and exile.
    Arkansas … where the hatcheries were, and the farm sale where we got our Jerseys.
    Kansas … where the tractor came from, when I was a kid.
    Colorado … where Mom and Dad used to raise sheep. Also potatoes. Passed through the San Luis Valley 2 or 3 times.
    Chihuahua (other side of the bridge from El Paso to Juarez, in my teens)
    Tamaulipas (other side of the bridge at Progreso, in my forties)
    Louisiana … where the Air Force sent me. Close enough to overseas.
    California … where I walked in LA one week. Nifty place. Awful crowded, though.
    Tennessee … on the way to where my daughter-in-law graduated with her Master’s.
    Kentucky … where she graduated.

  14. about 11. mostly drove thru some. oh, maybe 14. i forgot georgia. oh, and the carolinas to miami. FL is indiana w/ gators. and palm trees. ops, forgot michigan. mitten + U.P.

  15. 49. Never have gotten up to Alaska. And, right now, if I had the money for travel, I’d rather visit some places abroad. It’s been a very long time since I’ve been across either of the big ponds.

  16. Born in Alaska, living in Oregon.
    Visited Hawaii, Washington, California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, Idaho, Wyoming, possibly Montana (I spent a week visiting Yellowstone but I don’t remember what state we were actually camped in), Florida, Illinois, Pennsylvania, D.C., and possibly Maryland (again, spent a week visiting D.C. but can’t remember if we stayed inside the city).

  17. 42. Missing AK, HI & NV, MT, ND, SD, NE, & KS in the lower 48.
    Thank you Amtrak, thank you Greyhound.

  18. 32 + D.C. I have friends who did a bucket list of sorts to visit every state before they turned 40, and one even surpassed that by touring each state’s capitol building.

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