Job Creation! Walker Style

He’s doing it so well:

Gov. Scott Walker’s decision not to accept federal funding to expand the state’s health-care system could contribute to some state employers being collectively penalized by paying millions more in taxes, according to a report released Tuesday.

The report, released by Jackson Hewitt Inc., looked into tax provisions state employers could be required to pay under the Affordable Care Act.

The “shared responsibility” provision of the ACA would require employers to pay a tax penalty if employees seek aid from tax credits that help low-income individuals pay for their health-care coverage.

And yet I’m sure this is all Obama’s fault somehow. Because of reasons.


2 thoughts on “Job Creation! Walker Style

  1. Something similar is happening here in Loosiana as well. The combination of tax penalties and the fact that Medicare funding mostly means “money for salaries/jobs” is also part of the equation.
    For this and other issues of a fiscal nature, I’ve lately been indulging in a very bad habit — reading comments on the local rag/newspaper web site. The degree to which some people happily express cruelty towards others is…amazing.
    And even more amazing is that they probably consider themselves good Christians.

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