Ladies, Listen Closely

Because if you don’t, you might miss something:

For example, the RNC concludes that Republican candidates must connect with women voters using “softer language,” fewer “graphs and charts” and by assembling a strong list of female surrogates to do media appearances. That’s right. Republicans conclude that to win women voters they must use their “inside” voice and not bombard those ladybrains with all that “information.” Oh, and rather than actually place women in positions of leadership within the party, they plan to just pluck a few pretty faces to put in front of the cameras.

Right. Has nothing to do with their blistering contempt for actual women, everything to do with how loud they talk. “Softer language” on how any woman who has sex is a filthy whore and deserves to get pregnant from rape and be denied medical care for it will completely fix their problems.

I wasn’t turned off the Republican party because they used graphs and charts and talked coldly. I was turned off because they HATE MY FRIENDS and WANT ME TO DIE OF PREVENTABLE CONDITIONS. Using pictures of duckies and kittens instead of a chart to illustrate that won’t help. And even Republicans I know were turned off by Mitt Romney not because he spoke too firmly and directly but because he was A GAPING ASSHOLE.


6 thoughts on “Ladies, Listen Closely

  1. Maybe rethink your language a bit, for fear of insulting perfectly innocent gaping assholes.

  2. I think it was Rove who stated people vote “personalities and not policies” and maybe their base does. Limbaugh blasted women that voted for Clinton “because of his good looks”. WTF? I am proud that women are smarter than this. Maybe they should try putting one or two women as committee chairs? Good luck with the messaging since GOP policies haven’t changed in 30 years. What happened under Bush is too fresh to invite a repeat.

  3. Republican plan # 460,927,464,562,426 in the Wile E. Coyote mode:
    Don’t change their Racist, Homophobic, Misogynistic, Brown Nosing the Rich, Gaping Asshole ways, just repaint the elephant in brighter colors and pretend their little tiny pup tent is big enough for all.
    Except you. And you. You gotta vagina? Yeah, you too, you’re out.

  4. In other words, “We need to hire Barry White and Fabio to attract the woman vote.’

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