For What It’s Worth

TPM ran a swell piece about the cover art of the NRA’s house organ (LaPierre is their swinging dick) America’s 1st Freedom. They were all pretty inflammatory from a lefty-commie-pinko-hippie-peacenik perspective but this one is my favorite:


The New Black Panthers are coming to mau-mau your ass everyone. Btw, this qualifies as subtle from the NRA’s perspective. That black gloved fist is gonna grab your gun and we all know who’s wearing it, the Kenyan Marxist dude.

This cover was published right before the election, and before Obama came out of the closet on gun control. He hadn’t done much gun grabbing up until then but truth and the NRA aren’t on speaking terms. However, paranoia and the gun lobby are old pals. I believe they hang out together at shooting ranges, throw back some brewskis (Coors probably) and fire at pictures of Rachel Maddow, Dianne Feinstein and Eric Holder.

The culture and political wars of the Sixties may be diminishing but they’re still being waged as long as LaPierre and his henchmen have any say in it. They haven’t noticed that they’ve lost on cultural issues since they have a stranglehold on Congress gun control-wise or is that a gun pointed at its head? You decide.

The post title is, of course, pinched from the classic Stephen Stills song. It’s one of those Sixties songs that has aged very well indeed, and it still applies to our current situation in a way that most hippie dippy anthems do not. Paranoia still strikes deep:

4 thoughts on “For What It’s Worth

  1. You know what I’d like to see? I’d like to see a fund set up for this sort of thing. I don’t know what it would benefit, I’m open to suggestions. But every time a publication or an electronic media outlet makes a stupid, inflammatory predictive statement like the one pictured on the NRA’s magazine, the media outlet has to pay into the fund for every month their stupid prediction doesn’t come to pass until they formally withdraw their stupid prediction in the same manner and with the same hoopla they initially made their stupid prediction.
    The payment could be, say, a dollar a month for every subscriber the publication has or estimated audience member the show has. This would have the dual salutary effect of keeping the popular media a little more honest, and fund some worthwhile endeavor (Atrios would probably want SUPERTRAINs; I think the gratuitous Appreciation Fund could use a few more dollars).

  2. The Obama/Eric Holder cover is pretty funny as well. Yeah, they really look the part of wild-eyed Black Panthers (well, if you don’t notice the gray hair and business suits)…and probably DO look like that to the paranoid loons who suscribe to this particular fish wrap.

  3. It looks like a furry white dude wearing that glove. And oh, God, the drama: FURRY WHITE OBAMA IS COMING TO FIST YOU FOR YOUR GUNS.

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