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It comes from another hilarious piece by Salon’s Mary Elizabeth Williams, entitledGays hate apple pie:

Let’s look at the evidence here regarding the homosexual relationship to pie. Anne Burrell does favorapple tarts
over pies, and that does sound suspiciously French. And Art Smith’s
Table 52 features pecan pie and chess pie, which seem pretty American
but are obviously not Republican enough to keep America straight. But
has Huelskamp seenCat Cora roll out a crust? I defy any heterosexual in America to surpass her technique. And Ted Allen did a wholeAll American, apple pie-themed
episode of “Chopped”! In short, though I haven’t actually seen the
document, I feel very confident that “take down apple pie” is not even
on the first page of the Gay Agenda.

Mmm, apple pie…

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