Rhaegar Fought Nobly: Game of Thrones Thread


Spoilers within.

Quick takes: I saw spoilers online and got all excited and wrote half a post about Beric Dondarrion that I’ll just have to save for next week. Hot Pie’s little bread-wolf was darling even if it looked more like a bread-turtle. GHOST! Edmure Tully is even more of a dipshit in the show than he is in the books, but I’m beginning to get upset at the way the writers are neutering Cat in favor, it seems, of Talisa. Love me some Talisa, she was funny with the Lannister kids, but between her and Catelyn it’s not even a question. Give me my fierce wolf-mother.

BLACKFISH. That is all.

I’m not feeling Ser Jorah this season. I don’t know why. It’s not anybody’s acting or his story or the bitchy anti-bromance with Ser Barristan or the fact that of the two of them I’d choose Ser Barristan the Bold in a hot second. That existed in the books, too. I’m just … not into it. That being said, his line about Rhaegar is one of my favorites from the books, and the truest about anything.

Danaerys wants to win her throne but not, you know, the way thrones are actually won, on the backs of the poor and old and starving, with no end in sight for them but death. She keeps wanting to do this right, she keeps wanting to do this differently. She looks at the way the rules are set up and says fuck that shit.

She saved the woman from being raped by the Dothraki, remember. Remember how that worked out? Jorah was there for that. Ser Barristan wasn’t, and keep in mind, as badass as Ser Badass is, Jorah’s been all over the world, inside and out of dark places where Westerosi ideals of nobility and honor have no dominion.

Jaime Lannister wanted two things: To be near Cersei and to be the greatest knight in the Seven Kingdoms. The latter was just taken away from him, violently. He was a sword-arm. Whatever else he was, a Kingslayer, a sisterfucker, a murderer with no honor, he was always good with a sword. That was what he could go back to every time, and it’s gone.

Tyrion wanted nothing more than to be acknowledged by his father for the one thing he always felt had value: His wit. Tyrion thought his brains would win him everything in the end. He really believed it which is what makes his arc start to go bad FAST; when the answer is no longer the answer you have to change, quickly, and if you don’t, if you keep beating your skull on the wall in front of you instead of going around or through or under, if you stay where you know you’re not wanted and wish it different … well, we’ll see where it goes.

All the stuff you loved or hated about people, you’ll hate or love about them eventually. It’s like a law of nature.


3 thoughts on “Rhaegar Fought Nobly: Game of Thrones Thread

  1. “I’m not feeling Ser Jorah this season. I don’t know why. It’s not anybody’s acting or his story or the bitchy anti-bromance with Ser Barristan”

  2. I want my Strong Balwas dammit!!!
    Last epi, I expected to see his face in that big open expanse of sky, when Baristan was introduced… didn’t happen, and this epi confirms we will never see him. I guess someone else is going to have to eat the poisoned roasted bugs and save the Kaleesi when her dragon breaks free.
    I want my Strong Balwas dammit!!!

  3. I’m hopeful we might get Strong Belwas yet. It made the Mereen stuff so much more awesome, especially in the beginning.
    Maybe he’s like the Reeds, being hidden away until we need to spice up the endless fucking Lord of the Rings travelogue that is Bran for the next forever.

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