False Flag Puke Cornered In Cambridge

Remember the infowars malaka who asked Deval Patrick about guvmint complicityin the Boston Marathon bombing? He was in Cambridge recently where he ran into a guy who gave him the full Jude treatment and cussed his worthless ass out. Do not listen to this out loud at work or in front of impressionable chirren unless you want to expand their vocabulary, that is:

Via All In with Chris Hayes.

4 thoughts on “False Flag Puke Cornered In Cambridge

  1. That was a thing of beauty: one that I would hope gets repeated any time one of those asshats shows their face in public.

  2. Besides the near-constant harangue, I think what I like best is the asshat looking around, gauging the crowd, and trying to decide whether he should get big or get gone. He finally seems to determine that he’s not in any immediate physical danger, and tries turning the tables, but the guy’s having none of it.
    Terrific and wholly justified.

  3. Tin-foil hattery — I call it tin-foil hate — is a cancer on our democracy. Truly, it is far worse than any of the other ills which plague us. Because you can fix stuff like corporate money influencing our elections, you can do something about lobbyists and whatnot. This is far more nefarious. It’s spreading seeds of doubt about our trusted institutions and leaders, which spread into full-blown anarchy. I feel like every time some idiot starts spreading nonsense like how the Newtown shooting never really happened we need to act like this guy, just crush it, swiftly and thoroughly.
    What’s that saying? One lie can ruin a thousand truths?

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