What would Jerry Maguire think?

It’s a pity that Cameron Crowe hasn’t made a good film in years.Say Anything, Almost Famous, and Jerry Maguire are 3 of the best films of our time. I thought of CamCro when I read this item about Geno Smith firing his agent:

West Virginia quarterback Geno Smith’s fall out of the first-round of
the 2013 NFL draft has claimed its first casualty as Liz Mullen of the
SportsBusiness Journal reports that the rookie quarterback is parting ways with his agents, Jeff Nalley of the Houston-based Select Sports Group.

Smith accepted an invitation to attend the draft and was in the green
room at Radio City Music Hall for most of the first-round. However,
when the first-round reached the final few picks, and those picks were
held by teams that have no need for a quarterback, Smith left the
building as it was evident he would not be selected until Day 2.

ESPN’s Suzy Kolber reported that Smith was not going to attend Day 2 of the draft, but Smith changed his mind and returned to Radio City Music Hall on Friday. Smith was selected by the New York Jets
with the eighth pick in Round 2, the 39th overall pick in the draft,
which is expected come with a contract worth just under $5 million with
over $3.1 million in guaranteed money. Had Smith been selected in Round
1, his contract would be worth, at minimum, $6.7 million with around
$5.4 million in guaranteed money.

The financial difference, as well as having to return to a green room
for a second day, appear to be the reason why Smith is changing agents.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, Smith was under the impression that he should be and would be the No. 1 overall pick
of the draft. It is understandable for Smith to be disappointed about
not being a first-round pick, but unless he was specifically being told
by his agents that he would go No. 1, we’re not sure how they are at
fault for his tumble out of Round 1.

Obviously, Nalley screwed up by not doing this:

Or he could have tried the old I am a golden God gambit: