Hello Goodbye

Willard Mittbot Romney and his bridezilla made a brief return to the public stage in an interview with Mike Wallace’s spawn on Fox News. I expected to be gleeful about having a chance to mock them again but the thrill is gone, so I wish they’d drag their entitled asses back to La Jolla and get to work on that car elevator.Besides, I cannot top what Charlie Pierce wrote about Willard-n-Ann at his joint:

While all that glorious gobshitery was going on
elsewhere, we saw the re-emergence this weekend of that lovely Romney
couple, who used to stop by with some regularity last year, charming us
with their patrician je ne sais quoi, tossing coins off the
balcony to the peasants, and generally dividing the world into the only
two classes that matter — Themselves and The Help. They dropped by
again, this time courtesy of the good people at Fox News, who I believe
did this on purpose, so we could all judge the caliber of the bullet we
dodged last fall by the whopping huge crater it left in the wall behind
our heads.

I’ll let Macca and the Fab Four have the last word: “You say yes, I say no. You say stop and I say go go go.” And that means you, Willard:

2 thoughts on “Hello Goodbye

  1. Jules: “We should be fuckin’ dead, man… This was divine intervention. You know what divine intervention is? … God came down from heaven and stopped these motherfuckin’ bullets.”

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