The Enemy of My Enemy Does Not Always Help

Ordinarily I get my back up when people make fun of the French, but in this case, go right ahead and mock:

The anti-gays in France are a coalition put together by the Catholic church and France’s UMP opposition party (basically, the French version of the Republican party that thought it was a bright idea to hitch its wagon to anti-gay bigotry, the same failed trick the American GOP tried these past 30+ years). The coalition has close ties to the American religious right, particularly NOM. And their leader is a French comedienne, Frigide Barjot, whose nom de plume is apparently a sexual pun on the name of French actress’ Brigitte Bardot. Quite a recipe for success.

Well, a funny thing happened on the way to the gay-bashing. The French public gave a collective sigh, and didn’t come to side of the bigots (a majority of the French support gay marriage). But some else did.The French far right, most notably violent white supremacists.

Thing is, let’s say you’re a person who, for whatever reason, dislikes the idea of boys getting hitched to each other. Even that being the case, wouldn’t you keep you trap shut rather than go to a party where everybody else is a Nazi? I don’t quite get how gay marriage threatens white supremacy, unless we’re defining white as non-liberal these days, but the minute those guys show up at karaoke night it’s time to sing Closing Time and go home to bed.


5 thoughts on “The Enemy of My Enemy Does Not Always Help

  1. Yeah, I am not sure Aravosis was making fun of the French. Seems he was pointing out one certain stupid segment of the French–but every country has ’em.

  2. Remember when there was the prediction that hispanics would outnumber whites in 2050 and the entire right wing freaked out? That is pretty much why the white supremacists are anti-gay. If you’re too busy gaying, you won’t be squeezing out lily-white young-uns to keep The Others at bay, which is the only way to keep this (or that) Great Nation free (according to that line of thinking).

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