Pulp Fiction Thursday: High Wall

Film noir is one of the most overused term in film buffdom. It was an after the fact label that was applied to a wide range of movies.High Wallis often described as film noir when it’s really more of a psychological melodrama, and a good one at that. Audrey Totter was one of the finest actresses of the late 1940’s and her performance as Robert Taylor’s shrink is one of her best. One reason I don’t consider this to be a film noir is that in that genre the leading man can either be a hero or an anti-hero. Robert Taylor was *always* the hero on the big screen-off-screen he was a witch hunting shit-but audiences that saw this film in theatres would *never* have bought him as a possible murderer like they would have if Bogart or Alan Ladd had been cast in the lead. Taylor is usually pretty wooden but he’s actually not bad in this role even if he’s a stiff albeit a handsome one.


Here’s the trailer: