Album Cover Art Wednesday: Shredding For Satan

It’s no mystery that I’m an aficionado of trashy pop culture. Quite naturally, I joined the shit record covers group on Facebook. This one is *really* shitty, it makes the Rat On cover look like high art. You also know it’s shitty when you cannot find anything about it via Mr. Google:

Shredding For Satan

8 thoughts on “Album Cover Art Wednesday: Shredding For Satan

  1. Geeno says:

    I don’t know. I actually kind of like that one.

  2. Hobbes says:

    The reason you can’t find anything about the album on teh googles is because it’s not actually a real album. It’s the image from the cover of this 1957 Popular Electronics magazine, shooped into a funny album cover with a fake artist name and title.

  3. adrastos says:

    @Hobbes: I thought that was a possibility. Nice catch.

  4. Hobbes says:

    I mean, if you’re going to accept not-real album covers, you should issue a challenge to your readers to play the fake album cover game:

    Go to Wikipedia, hit the Random article in the sidebar. This is your artist’s name.
    Go to the Quotations Page, hit Random Quotes. The last phrase of the last quote on the page is your album name.
    Go to Flickr, hit Explore. Third photo is your album art.

    Shove them all together in Paint or Photoshop or whatever you want, and poof album! I’m lazy so I’ll just link a couple of my favorites from when I played this a while back:1, 2

  5. Geeno says:

    #2 there looks like a real album.
    Very alternative.

  6. mothra says:

    Yeah, I knew this had to be a fake, but it’s hilarious. I like that fake album cover game, too. Very fun. Here’s what I want to know: what quote ended with “Gnaw through Leather Straps?”

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  8. El Datsun says:

    I hate the whole idea of ‘shit covers’ – especially on faceache. It’s such a fucking cliché. And most of the time the covers aren’t shit at all. Now show me a Pink Floyd or Led Zeppo cover by Hipgnosis. Now they are shit.

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