My Governor Is A Vapid Fool Revisited

Hot on the heels of a disastrous legislative session, Governor PBJ has decided to stop calling the GOP the “stupid party” and resume pandering to them shamelessly:

Republican political correctness is all the rage, and it’s all
roughly the same: we need to stop being conservative… we need to abandon
our principles (at least the ones that don’t poll well)… we need to let
the smart guys in Washington pick our candidates…we need big data and
analytics so we can optimize… we need to be more libertarian…we need to
endorse abortion…we need fewer debates…and the list goes on.

The overall level of panic and apology from the operative class in
our party is absurd and unmerited. It’s time to stop the bedwetting.

Actually, I think they keep shitting the bed but I’ll leave the scatological references to PBJ and his pal Governor Enema. Watching PBJ apply the brakes and shift positions reminds me of Wile E. Coyote and it’s just as ineffectual. I’m surprised he hasn’t given any contracts to Acme. Yet.

PBJ closes his screed in Tiger Beat On The Potomac by using another fatuous and downright vapid image:

Eventually Americans will rise up against this new era of big government and this new reign of politically correct terror. In the meantime Republicans — hold fast, get smarter, get disciplined, get on offense, and put on your big boy pants.

Big boy pants? Really, Governor? You think sounding like a 3rd grader makes you sound tough? I don’t recall GOP tough guy Chris Christie talking about “bed-wetting and big boy pants” but that’s what happens when a second rate politician tries to go national. It’s not gonna fly, PBJ. It’s just more Piyush in the sky…

3 thoughts on “My Governor Is A Vapid Fool Revisited

  1. Jindal is still calling the Republican Party stupid, but not in so many words. Now they’re stupid for turning their back on conservative principles. The party can’t catch a break with the guvna.

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