5 thoughts on “DOMA DOWN LOVE WINS

  1. Celebrate The Death of DOMA With Expanded Civil Rights Agitation
    It is one of the weirdest turn-arounds in my lifetime that gay rights are progressing as the rights of racial and ethnic minorities and women are dying in the courts and legislatures. I never would have expected that Gay folk would be able to cut into the line ahead of other groups who had made more progress in the past. The celebrations of the overturning of the clearly unconstitutional “Defense of Marriage Act” should be muted by the bitter ruling on the Voting Rights Act yesterday and the attacks of the right of women to the most intimate of all rights, the rights to determine the state of their own bodies.
    If gay rights advocates do not turn, immediately, to overturning the Supreme Court’s assassination of the Voting Rights Act and the attacks on women’s rights, we will have nothing to be proud of on the next Gay Pride Day.
    If Lesbians and Gay men stop to enjoy this progress, ignoring the attacks on self-government and equality, our rights will prove to be as ephemeral and prone to overturning as the most important civil rights law of the past century. If they can do that to voting rights, they can do it to any rights.

  2. I admit, I have thoughts similar to those of Mr. McCarthy above. How amazing that the LGBT community has made such great strides in such short time, while at the same time women are having to re-fight the battles we thought were won and done 40 years ago. While I won’t go so far as to say, “Great job, gays! Now you owe us one,” I do hope that people will show us women a little support, ’cause we sure need it right now. Texas Senator Wendy Davis may have sucker-punched the anti-abortion crowd, but she certainly didn’t make them go away. I’m sure they’ll re-group and come back harder.

  3. No reason not to celebrate, but in light of yesterday’s decision, it seems as if all the great issues of our time are decided by the daily moods of a feeble-minded 76-year-old from Sacramento.

  4. Very cool. I half expected the Supremes to go back to Bowers v Hardwick and say, “Y’know, not only are you not married, but you’re all going to jail you heathen faggots.”
    Scalia, predictably, pretty much remains in that corner.

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