Friday Ferretblogging: AMERICA Edition


The Athenae household spent yesterday having the most aggressively American Fourth of July ever. Before a marathon game of Axis and Allies (during which Germany and I kicked back and let Japan win the war for us), Mr. A and I walked Bucky and Claire down a mile-long route with a group from the ferret shelter.

Bucky LOVED the parade two years ago. He got petted by hundreds of people, since the majority of the parade-goers were little kids who were remarkably well-behaved, and by the end he was totally blissed out from all the love. I have to say, I’m impressed with these children’s manners: Almost everyone asked politely, “Can I pet him?” and was very gentle, and the ones who weren’t were just toddlers too young to know better.

This year we took Claire, too, and OH MY GOD. She was WORSHIPPED. She reclined in my arms while everyone cooed over how lovely she was, stroked her fur — my favorite was a little girl who hugged her and said to her mom, “Mommy, she’s so comfortable!” — and asked to have their pictures taken with her.

She feels that her parade was quite satisfactory, and we should hold such a parade for her every day from now on, so that her public may bask in her presence.


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: AMERICA Edition

  1. Tilly was going to be our therapy ferret because she was so chill. We had taken her in for vaccinations and gotten all her paperwork in order right before she got sick.
    I think Bucky could be a therapy ferret eventually, but he needs to take it down about six notches first. He’s way too squirrelly.

  2. treecat! (Athenae, have you read David Weber’s “Honor Harrington” books? There is a hexapedal sentient in them called a treecat. Nimitz, who is Honor’s personal companion, would think Claire too shy …)

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