How can I miss you when you won’t go away, Willard?

The guy who tried to make history by becoming our first robot President is back in the news. And he’s still saying stupid shit:

Among the things Romney thinks might have actually changed the election
appears to be his own comments. He repeatedly referenced his own
“mistakes” in the CNN interview. He said he “regrets”
his comment about 47 percent of Americans refusing to take
responsibility for their lives. He said of Clint Eastwood’s empty-chair
moment, “Clint didn’t hurt my campaign, I hurt my campaign a couple times.” He said dealing with the press is hard. “Jokes, for instance, will get you in trouble,” Romney said. “Any time you’re trying to be funny.”

There’s nothing more pitiful than someone with no sense of humor who is convinced that they’re funny. Willard has a bad case of the inadvertent funnies, but when he tries cracking a joke it invariably falls flat. You know like the whole”I lost because of Hurricane Sandy thing.” He lost because he was a bad candidate with a bad message in a year when the polls were static. Delusions die hard.

I must admit to missing Willard even if he won’t go away. He’s like a long distance Margaret Dumont to my Groucho; only without the cigar, the grease paint mustache, or the mute, harp plucking, horn honking brother. Actually, it’s nothing like that but Willard *is* a great straight man and like the guy in a certain Warren Zevon song, his hair is perfect.