A is for appalling

I’m disappointed but not shocked by the Zimmerman verdict but the performance by Angela Corey at the prosecution’s presser is appalling. She’s smiling like a winner. Looks like she’s planning to run for higher office with the NRA’s support or something.

I guess it’s time for young black men to burn their hoodies.

9 thoughts on “A is for appalling

  1. She’s dressed like she’s at a goddamned party and acting like this is no big fucking deal. I despise her.

  2. I haven’t the trial on teevee, an now I’m sorry I didn’t. Who the hell paid this biatch to blow the prosecution. Trayvon Martin: I hope someday some kind of justice will rule for you. George Zimmerman: I want to be on the Karma train running you down, you SOB

  3. Yeah, I saw Corey’s breezy, self-congratulatory manner. Totally inappropriate- it upset this white man living in California. Can’t imagine how thoroughly I’d be boiling over if I were a young black man in Florida.
    And that defense attorney O’Mara needs to fuck off and keep his mouth shut. He’s all sanctimonious at the presser, talking about while he feels bad for the Martin family, their son is dead due to his own actions, and that Zimmerman is not guilty criminally or morally.
    I’m going to make a point to read the testimony and questioning Zimmerman will be forced to respond to in his civil trial. I hope they strip the bark off that fucker.

  4. Kaleberg, you seem to believe that the black man would be acquitted. You’re assuming facts not in evidence. White people can stand their ground – and their ground is the entire state – black people, not so much I’m thinking. This law is functioning exactly as intended.

  5. Wait until the first black man gets a little nervous around some white guy and shoots him. (Let’s face it, he would be right to have a well founded sense of threat.) They’ll repeal this horseshit right quick.

  6. Not the first time that law and justice did not intersect.
    Especially in the South…

  7. Ugh. Florida…hard to believe technically I’m a Florida native (born there, but only because of military stationing…that said, BR is technically West Florida, I guess…reading comments on the local rag’s website tends to confirm.)
    Aside — earlier you mentioned De La Ronda looked like Hank Kingsley…yes. And Don West looks like a slightly older Walter White. I kept wondering why he seemed familiar…
    Anyway…well, if I’d been in the jury I couldn’t live with the verdict…but that’s probably why I’d never get on a jury for this kind of case.

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