Getting Our Enemies Mixed Up: The Newsroom Thread



Things I loved: Maggie dealing with her stupid boyfriend shit by going to Uganda and cutting all her hair off. Maggie and Don breaking up because TIRESOME. Mackenzie being awesome, basically; Mr. A’s comment on the show last year was that she didn’t do enough for you to buy her as this badass professionally.

I hope we get to see more of her unique ability to hit broken shit and stick duct tape on it until it works the way it should. That’s the story I love anyway.

Marcia Gay Harden. She’s the perfect foil for Will’s obnoxiousness.

I am a cheap date because the running gag of Will not being able to remember anyone’s name makes me laugh every time.

Sloan and Charlie! Being friends and making fun of each other instead of being horrible. I love this development so much I can’t tell you. I feel like they should go get drinks and talk about being surrounded by idiots.

Speaking of things I love and Charlie, LEONA! Any time we get some Leona I am a happy girl, and I think maybe the rest of the show should be fired and replaced with totally forgettable people so that it can just be the Charlie and Leona Banter Bitchily About Stuff Hour, because I would watch the shit out of that every night.

Things I did not love: A retread of Will being a pussy because of outside pressure, like, get over it once and for all and always be over it. Did everybody really not expect teawads, who are the pettiest of the petty, NOT to retaliate in the pettiest, most obnoxious possible way? Does Charlie, of all people, counsel knuckling under here? Does Leona, newly empowered at the end of last season, get pissed off again? It rang false to me.

Things I am cautiously optimistic about: The new producer (LOVE the actor) and his seemingly fake story. If we’re doing a Dan Rather thing, could be fantastic, especially if after all the hullabaloo the story turns out to be true anyway. It’s all setup at this point, and the whole “Aristotlean confluence of events” better be building towards something other than a mid-season re-set button.


6 thoughts on “Getting Our Enemies Mixed Up: The Newsroom Thread

  1. So. Watched it. Not impressed. I was mostly annoyed by the show. The OWS stuff was painful to watch.
    Like: Mackenzie and Sloan
    Do not Like, please write off show: Don
    Please, please PLEASE don’t start a Don and Sloan thing. Charlie and Sloan as buddies? Yes!
    I found that I usually find the “Sorkinness” of the show especially off putting this season, but Mrs. Spocko said it was because I just watched “The Killing” which is superior television in 939 ways. If you haven’t see this show you are missing out. The actress who plays Linden I could watch for 30 hours. The guy who plays Holden? Amazing. Together? It’s not as good as Tim Oliphant and Walton Goggins in Justify, but it’s gooooood.
    Maybe more tomorrow on this show. I want to talk about what I learned about booking “experts” on TV from this show.

  2. I stopped watching the show when, the fourth ep I think, Will went on about about the “great newsmen” and listed Murrow, Cronkite, and…Tim Fucking Russert.
    As long as I live I’ll never forgive Sorkin for that.

  3. spork incident: You can’t even imagine the number of times I’ve jousted with people who, in their criticism of David “Dancing with Rove” Gregory have expressed their continued mourning for the loss of Tim Fucking Russert as moderator of Meet the Press. My retort, always, is that it’s indicative of the sad fucking condition of journalism in this country when we long for the days of Tim Russert.

  4. I love The Killing. I could do a thread every week that would just be I FUCKING LOVE THIS SHOW.

  5. P.S. Regarding the new producer: You’ve seen this guy before as Julia Louis-Dreyfus’ character’s brother in “The New Adventures of Old Christine”.

  6. My 14 yr old son — who really likes this show, mind you — asked at the end, “Why does everybody talk like they are the same person?”
    Also too…cutting off Maggie’s hair and making her a moody emo does nothing towards correcting Sorkin’s general ineptitude with female character development.
    And just because…fuck Tim Russert and anyone who speaks well of him.

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