Bitch, If We Cared What You Thought We’d Have Elected You

Hey Senator, remember how America said no thanks to your ass?

Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) has been at the center of the talks, seeking to find an amicable resolution to a total of four stalled nominees, three for the National Labor Relations Board and one to lead the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau. But the negotiations do not appear to have yielded a result.

According to CNN, McCain said enough Republicans would vote to overcome a filibuster against Richard Cordray to the CFPB as long as the White House agreed to replace two nominees to the NLRB who were recess-appointed: Sharon Block and Richard Griffin. That offer appears not to have yielded a result.

Well goddamn, I wonder why not. I wonder if it’s because nobody gives a fuck anymore what John McCain thinks, given his current state of NOT PRESIDENT.

I wonder if, after John McCain spent the five years he has been NOT PRESIDENT defending the fucking craziest of the crazy fuckers in his own party as they snarled and drooled and talked about secession and state’s rights, NOT PRESIDENT McCain’s barganing position is somewhat diminished.

I mean really, what use has he been? His own party loathes him as a heretic, everybody except the bookers on the Sunday shows and the ed boards of various hoary old newspapers thinks he is a douche, he has no leverage within the Republican party to make the teawads behave, he couldn’t even control Sarah Palin, so what the hell use is he? Why should anybody be taking his calls?

Why shouldn’t NOT PRESIDENT McCain’s insistent late-night drunk-dials get re-routed to whatever intern isn’t polishing Joe Biden’s golf clubs that night? There’s no point to him whatsoever anymore, so just send him on down the line to the unlucky White House sous-chef on duty. Just put him on speaker while you grill Obama a steak.