Krauthammer: America Must Suck To Be Awesome Again

I mean, you tell me, here:

“And now they end up in a place where everybody is going to get a haircut — the bond holders, the retirees and the citizens. The question is, you know at large — the story of the United States which dominated the world economically, created all of these programs, entitlements, Social Security, Medicare, and now added on Obamacare, living on the glories of the past where we were the most dominant, without any rivals in the world, and now having to adapt to a reduced economy — are we going to be able to have commensurate cuts? And when you see all of the resistance to anything of that sort by especially Democrats and liberals, it doesn’t give it a lot of hope. In the end, you can have a bankruptcy for a city, but not for a country.”

Now we have to become less of an awesome country, so that we can be the best again. Because that’s how that works. What we need to do is take everything that made us great once, decide arbitrarily that we “can’t afford” it anymore, and set it on fire in front of a Starbucks.

Apparently banksters and hedge fund managers and other “job creators” don’t need to adapt to this new, reduced economy, by the way. They can go on dodging taxes and putting the whole economy on black at the roulette wheel, and it’ll all be fine if we can just convince the public to fuck over the teachers and public works guys one more damn time.


6 thoughts on “Krauthammer: America Must Suck To Be Awesome Again

  1. Craphammer has always been a twit. A loud, screechy, deranged twit, mind you, but a twit, nevertheless.
    He’s been at the forefront of a conservative movement that, as a matter of style, requires opinion from the basis of an ideology without respect for either facts or circumstances. I see a lot of Westbrook Pegler in him. Too bad the WaPoo thinks that’s a plus.

  2. We need to go back to the values of the 1950’s like high union membership, 90% top tax rates, and college being affordable.

  3. Why is America the only industrialised country that apparently can’t afford to compete with the others without ditching all its social benefits and programs?

  4. Shorter Craphammer:
    After three decades of skyrocketing wealth and income and plunging tax rates for the rich, it’s time for the 99% to sacrifice.

  5. we need a reset + dup rampant voodoo economics to the dust bin. we have to fertilize the bottom 1/2 INSTEAD OF THE PARTISAN SACRIFICE. nuke wall street. and yes. PUNISH the 2%.

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