Guns Make Public Buildings Less Secure

Duh, right? I don’t mean for the reason you think:

Then there’s the question of how HB 2 protester Jaime Leigh Tilley got chains into the Senate gallery and secured herself to the railing? How, Walker asked, could she have gotten the chains through the Capitol security? Simple, said Dewhurst. Either she had stashed them in the chamber in the days before the debate, or she had someone with a concealed handgun license carry the chains in for her. Dewhurst said, “If you have a concealed handgun license, you don’t need to go through the X-ray.”

So if you have a concealed handgun license, then you are presumed to be a good guy.

And you don’t have to go through security screening.

Because you have a gun.

And are therefore not dangerous.

What the TITS.

For serious, I HOPE this is how people are getting contraband into the capitol building, if only because it points out how absolutely shit-ass stupid this rule is. I’m sorry, if you have a concealed handgun license, you could still be carrying any number of dangerous and/or illegal things, so how does a license grant you the presumption of good will?

Leaving aside the entire gun debate, why should you be exempted from security screening? Why shouldn’t you have to put your gun, along with your watch and commemorative super bowl pen or whatever, into a dish and walk through the thing? If you’re flashing your concealed carry permit to get out of the screening, it’s not like the gun is a secret anymore. Maybe you don’t want security to know what KIND of gun you have? I keep trying to think of ways this makes sense and I’m coming up blank, guys. Help me out here.

Seems to me all this does is create a class of protected contraband mules, who can get anything in at any time. I bet that makes everybody who works in the building feel nice and secure.


9 thoughts on “Guns Make Public Buildings Less Secure

  1. In Jan 2010, a man fired shots from the steps of the Texas capitol building. He had previously been inside the building (reportedly). Everyone freaked out and wanted something done to prevent that from happening inside. Later in the year, security scanners were supposedly put at all entrances to the capitol building. Then this was reported ( How concealed is the handgun when you go to the special line that allows you to walk thru without being scanned?
    Anyway, the answer to your question is: Texas.

  2. BECAUSE if you have a CCW permit YOU ARE ONE OF THE GOOD GUYS. Because you’re “ONE OF US.”
    End. Full stop.
    Duh. Fucking DUH.
    This is the predictable result of a generation of identity politics in action.

  3. Sorry for the double post. It didn’t show up when I posted, nor when I refreshed. Dammit again.

  4. That’s like saying “pipe bombs make public places less safe”
    If you make pipe bombs illegal, then only criminals will have them. They will have an edge on the good guys. WHY DO YOU HATE TRUE, PIPE BOMB MAKING/CARRYING AMERICANS?!

  5. I’m looking forward to going out now that we here in North Carolina have legalized concealed carry in bars.
    The older I get, the more people I hate and the more I like my front porch. Now you kids get off the dirt, rocks and ivy that pass for my lawn.

  6. Did you know that if you preview a comment, then post from the preview, it disappears?
    I wrote a nice paragraph about the shooting on the Texas capitol steps in Jan 2010 and the rush to implement security at all entrances of the capitol, since the guy had supposedly been inside before he went on his little shooting spree. Then there was this (, which essentially negated the whole point of the added security. I would say this could only happen in Texas, but we all know better.

  7. “Maybe you don’t want security to know what KIND of gun you have?”
    well, yeah. just imagine the embarrassment and shame if your gun isn’t as big as the other guy’s piece.

  8. Athenae,
    In Tx that same CCL will serve as voter ID.
    Now, that said — the true outrage is that Dewhurst ordered KOTEX stolen from every woman entering the capital during the special session *after* Wendy Davis filibustered Li’l Ricky’s womankiller antiabortion bill.
    Imma go get me a CCL. Have to borrow a handgun bigger than a .22 that won’t break my damn wrist first though.

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