It’s Not Just About The Parks

So much for the pro-business reputation of the GOP:

Concessionaire Xanterra Parks & Resorts, which operates hotels and other services in national parks, estimates that for every day the parks are closed, it will cost them just under $1 million per day in lost revenue, not including overhead.

And that’s just one piece of the puzzle. U.S. cities are losing out on crucial revenue from travel and tourism. Communities near parks are estimated to lose more than $76 million a day in visitor spending.

It’s about what’s next to the parks, and what sells to the people who use the parks, and all the repercussions that fan out like ripples on a pond. You know, the sort of economic stuff Republicans often deride Democrats for not understanding. If I run a hotel that depends on people being able to go someplace nearby, and that place isn’t open, what happens to me?


9 thoughts on “It’s Not Just About The Parks

  1. Yet another example of it being less left v. right and more adult-like and reasonably intelligent v. bratty selfish children. If it doesn’t directly affect them at this very second then they don’t give a rat’s ass. The moment it DOES direct affect them…it becomes a federal case.
    Which is why it’s too bad Congressional salaries aren’t cut during shutdowns…because there would be no shutdown in that case.

  2. I’m trying to remember the numbers from a news program a few days ago. They gave the hit to the economy for a 3 to 4 day shutdown and also for a longer period (more on the order of a week?).
    I’m wanting to say the hit to from a 3 to 4 day shutdown was something like $ 36 billion.
    Just did a quick figuring: 4 days x 90 days = 360 days = = almost a year.
    90 times 36 billion is over 3 trillion. How many folks think the economy needs a hit at a rate of 3 trillion a year?
    Imagining that I believe in trickle-down, voodoo economics so that I can look at I from THEIR perspectives and the arguments they use to prove their point. If the top looses 3 trillion, what are the odds that they will react to the loss by shutting down any existing trickle down?
    @ MichaelF – Amen! And may I suggest adding the term Mutually Assured Destruction?

  3. It’s also about “All that land just sitting there not doing anything.” The fact that parks indirectly generate revenue for many in the region is dangerous to the GOP/Teabaggery because it’s the Wrong kind of revenue. Revenue that does result from, and bring benefits to, the corporate state must NOT be allowed. Especially when tax dollars are in the mix. It’s a refutation of their gospel. It’s heresy.

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  5. If XYZCorp digs a coal mine or ABC Corp builds a factory, on that land, and a few stray bucks trickle down to the region, in addition to the wages paid to the indentured employees, that’s all well and good and wave the flag! But if a public institution running on tax dollars generates anything of value to anyone, without the consent of, and directly obvious return on every tax penny to, each and every John Q. Teabagger, that’s theft and/or Socialism. It cannot stand.

  6. Virgo, along with your second post, National Park stands in the way of the Oil companies from drilling (of course, you get permits for drilling in natural reserves, recently a lot of talk about drilling in a sensitive area in northern Alaska). It limits the righteous profits from logging. It makes you use pollution control measures. It means you can’t strip mine.
    My guess would be that the Koch brothers would be salivating over getting access to the resources in the park lands – and are actively feeding their unwitting astroturf with that hate of the park system.

  7. Oops, that should read “Revenue that does NOT result from, and does NOT benefit, the corporate state…”

  8. OT: Ad on Facebook. Mike Huckabee is giving away free copies of his informative DVD to teach kids about our country. Available at titled “Learn Our History: One Nation under God” It isn’t letting me cut and paste the description, but it is supposedly a fun way for our kids to learn the role of God in America.
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    But knowing how the Huck-ster’s radio program bends the truth in a string of non-sequitors, has anyone seen it and is it as bad as I expect?

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