Friday Ferretblogging: Heroes Edition


Since it’s guest pet week on First Draft, have some heroic rescuers who saved ferrets from drowning:

TWO young animals thought they were ‘ferret’ last night after becoming stranded on rocks off the coast of Cambois last night.

The ferret’s anxious owners had made desperate attempts to save their animals by wading into the sea on the Cambois bay rocks, just south of Newbiggin, but their best endeavours looked likely to be scuppered when neither Tootsie or Lucky responded.

With a desperate 999 call to the Humber coastguard a request to Newbiggin lifeboat to divert from their training exercise was made.

1. Is that second graf the most British thing you’ve ever read or what?

2. I would consider renaming “Lucky” in light of the events.

3. Newbiggin is the name of my Hot Fuzz tribute film.


4 thoughts on “Friday Ferretblogging: Heroes Edition

  1. I dare you to name your next ferrets Tootsie, Lucky and Scupper. In that order. Their cage can be called Newbiggin and they can all pretend they are little pirates out to sea. (Ok, that’s enough of an insight into my imaginary life with imaginary ferrets.)

  2. Bucky already thinks he’s a pirate. Along with a fullback, a mad scientist, an astronaut, and a ninja.

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