The (Hurricane) Name Game

It has been a blissfully quiet Hurricane season thus far. Weather conditions for development have been unfavorable, which is something I, uh, favor. It’s been so slow on the storm front that I haven’t spent too much time complaining about the wimpy names appended to far too many Hurricanes. I want Hurricane names to evoke fear, loathing, and all that jazz.This year’s list is pretty dull, it doesn’t have anything as silly as Danny or Florence but Hurricane Wendy does not inspire terror although I have two pretty terrifying friends of that name…

Why am I going on about this? Why do I go on about anything? The reason for this self-indulgent exercise is a suggestion by 350.orgthat we name storms after climate change deniers. It’s a capital idea, almost as good as naming them after dead dictators; imagine Hurricane Idi Amin Dada.The site comes complete with a video and one of them new fangled internets petitions for you kids to sign. Here’s the video:

I’m pleased as punch that the worthies at included the junior Sinator from Louisiana in the video. They missed out on the whole Diaper Dave mythos but otherwise did a good job…

Visit the web site, sign the petition, and leave your suggestion for a scary, fearsome, and bad ass Hurricane name in the comment section here at First Draft. Yeah, I’m begging for comments. Hope that doesn’t make me a spud or a hobbit…

5 thoughts on “The (Hurricane) Name Game

  1. I signed, and will go with an easy one since I’m the first comment — and since Santorum already means something else:
    Rush Limbaugh is a Category 5 monster threatening the entire Florida peninsula. A sudden drop in air pressure, combined with an drug induced loss of hearing (four more than four hours) makes Rush Limbaugh something to avoid at all costs.
    Run for your lives to escape the pollution filled storm surge of Rush Limbaugh.

  2. Somewhat distracted with other things over here — apologies for the typos (“an” instead of “a” and “four” instead of “for”).

  3. Hurricane Gojira? I guess that should be a Super Typhoon.
    If the GOP keeps cutting the NOAA funding, they’ll have to sell off Hurricane names to corporate sponsors.
    So Hurricane Wendy? Sure. Also Hurricane Ronald McDonald, Hurricane Microsoft, and Hurricane eHarmony.
    The horror.

  4. Do like the idea of trashing the cutesy names, although “Hurricane Honey Boo-Boo,” kind of makes me shudder. But if I may make a humble suggestion, we might consider the names of those in the holier-than-thous or holier-den-dats category. That hurricane is coming locked and loaded and no need for weather satellites and the NHC. Lest we forget, it could have been Hurricane Pat Robertson or Hurricane Jerry Falwell. It could be Hurricane Glenn Beck. Watch out hemp-heads in Colorado. You’re just a hop, skip and a jump away.

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