Tramp The Dirt Down


Hatred can be like rocket fuel for an artist. Margaret Thatcher inspired many fantastic films, plays, books and songs. The Guardian has a fine article by John Harris about how Thatcherism politicized the arts in the UK. Plus, the always awesome Mary Elizabeth Williams has a piece at Salon on Mrs. Thatcher and pop culture.But my personal favorite, Brassed Off. was not on her movie list. Oh well, nobody’s perfect…

I’m going to feature some of the best anti-Thatcher, anti-Tory tunes this week as a sort of reverse hommage to Mrs. Thatcher. The good news is that she’s no longer here to handbag me…

The first in the Thatcher series is one of the best. Elvis Costello’s Tramp The Dirt Down from his classic Spike album. I stumbled upon this version, which opens with a brief rant by Elvis/Declan, on my friend Luke’s facebook feed. Luke is a labor laywer and fellow lefty Anglophile who I met in London some 6 years ago. End of this brief stroll down memory lane. Here’s Mr. Costello/MacManus:

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