12 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Yeah, I’m going to jump on the Lord of the Rings bandwagon and say somewhere in the Shire to get fucked up with some hobbits.

  2. Hogwarts…of course…but only when I’m not having a stay at Blandings Castle (Wodehouse) or popping in on Flavia at Buckshaw…

  3. The Weasley home during the holidays… the chaos of food, family, friends and laughter mixed with a bit of magic is my idea of a great day. If I am there Molly will have a monogrammed sweater for me, right? Happy Christmas!

  4. I’d like to wander into Quark’s Bar on Deep Space 9 as long as they don’t make me eat Klingon food. I like my vittles dead.

  5. I’m with you MichaelF. Just think of being able to live your deepest fantasies.
    To reply to the question, I tend to be a fan of nature from geology to flora and fauna. There are so many places that I would love to see. (And for that matter, if the places became popular, attracting too many folks could very well destroy what makes them unique in the first place).

  6. “Toon Town” from “…Roger Rabbit”. Nothing but constant mayhem, and nobody ever gets hurt.
    Wait, does this question mean permanently, or just a short visit? Because on a permanent level Heaven sounds kind of nice. Cuz “Heaven is in your mind”, so I can dream up new places at will.

  7. Oh, Honor Harrington’s homeworld. Now, to decide whether that means Sphinx, where the Treecats began, or Grayson, where they’ve invaded …

  8. Beorn’s house in the Hobbit. Tiny ponies bring you clotted cream, bread, and mead? Oh yes.

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