Malaka Of The Week: Robert Benmosche

I’d never heard of this week’s “honoree” until today and don’t care to learn more about him. All I know for certain is that Robert Benmosche is the chief executive of insurance giant and bailout recipient AIG.I also know that he has a big fucking mouth, which he might want to keep zipped in the future:

Robert Benmosche told the Wall Street Journal
that “less than 10” employees were behind bad trades that led to a
massive collapse of the market, and that lawmakers suffering of
“ignorance” were wrong to demand accountability of AIG across-the-board:

“That was ignorance … of the public at large, the government and
other constituencies. I’ll tell you why. [Critics referred] to bonuses
as above and beyond [basic compensation]. In financial markets that’s
not the case. … It is core compensation.

“Now you have these bright young people [in the financial-products
unit] who had nothing to do with [the bad bets that hurt the company.] …
They understand the derivatives very well; they understand the
complexity. … They’re all scared. They [had made] good livings. They
probably lived beyond their means. …They aren’t going to stay there for

The uproar over bonuses “was intended to stir public anger, to get
everybody out there with their pitch forks and their hangman nooses, and
all that–sort of like what we did in the Deep South [decades ago]. And I
think it was just as bad and just as wrong.

Don’t you just want to throw this malakatudinous tycoon into the Benmosche-pit where he can dance with sweaty traders and whine about the ignorant public who don’t understand high finance and all that shit. We do understand greed, avarice, and overall malakatude, all of which he and the rest of his ilk are guilty of.

As the risk of channeling the dread Lynne Cheney, shut up Mr. Benmosche, you ignorant malaka. Nothing you are going through remotely compares to lynchings in the bad old days of Jim Crow. Not a damn thing. Nothing. This is just as bad as all the inappropriate Nazi analogies being tossed about by the teabaggers. Enough already.

It’s bad enough that AIG received a boatload of money from TARP, but it also got an additional $85 billion from the eebil guvmint because it’s “too big to fail.” It looks as if Malaka Benmosche’s mouth is too big to shut. How about a little gratitude or humility? You won, stop spiking the ball.

4 thoughts on “Malaka Of The Week: Robert Benmosche

  1. Malaka, hell yes, but I’ll give him a few points for the cloyingly self pitying revelation. After being coddled to an extent I can’t even fathom, Bob thinks the mildest request for the most modest penance — cutting but not eliminating (for a single year) a fucking PERFORMANCE BONUS after almost vaporizing the global economy — is just the same as being strung up by a mob. Tells you a lot about him…like the fact that he’s a goddamn psychopath, pure and simple.

  2. When AIG took all that taxpayer money, the company became a ward of the state, and their employees became government employees for a while. Government employees never get huge bonuses of course (unless maybe your name is Erwin or Suder), but even the smallest public worker raise brings on wave upon wave of pissing and moaning and finger-pointing and name-calling. But it’s not a “lynching;” it’s just life as usual in the public sector.
    So, welcome to my world, Mr. Benmosche

  3. Benmosche: “Leave me be! Master of the universe working here. Ooops. That doesn’t look good. Your fault! Because I’m a master of the universe. Throw a fuck-ton of money at that little boo-boo. More. More. I said “More!” goddammit! There. All better. Still your fault. Now, it’s time for my compensation. Remember, I’m a master of the universe. More. More. More, godrotyou! And shut up while you’re paying me more. Did I tell you I’m a master of the motherfucking universe?”
    You have to wonder how Beleaguered Bob even finds the strength to get out of bed in the morning. The crack of 10 o’clock comes pretty durn early some days. If we’re not all nicer to him, he might just go all Galt on us, and then where would we be? Huh? Is that what you libruls want? Is it?

  4. Let me assume that king Malaka actually believes what he is saying.
    Then wouldn’t he be turning over a list of the 10 employees over to the investigators for both civil and criminal investigation?
    Or does he realize that the problem is bigger and a systemic part of the financial sector? Or does he realize that the employees were working for AIG and representing AIG – thus putting the target squarely on AIG?
    Kind of makes me think about the news that the sports authorities are easing up on the sanctions on Penn State over the whole Sandusky thing. You wouldn’t believe all the folks that are saying that the whole school shouldn’t suffer because of the actions of one employee. Totally forgetting the top-level administrators who intentionally turned a blind eye. Totally forgetting that the whole institution that profited by allowing misconduct is typically pun ished as a whole.
    Or for AIG, why are the same investors still trading in some of the same financial instruments that crashed in the first place? And should you get bonuses for engaging in such cavalier behavior?

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