Watch the crook, it’s important


Former Louisiana Governor Edwin Edwards is one the most interesting politicians of my lifetime. After years of beating the rap, he went to jail in 2002. He served his time, divorced his much younger wife while in the pokey, and ended up marrying an even younger woman.

The latest Missus has talked EWE into doing a reality show and it’s going to debut on A&E on October, 27. If the trailer is any clue, The Governor’s Wife, should be the campiest reality show on that network since the Steven Seagal Jefferson Parish fake cop show:

I wonder if there’s the chance of a cross-over with the bearded dudes on Duck Dynasty? Of course, they’re probably Republicans but Le Guv could teach them a thing or three about comic timing.

4 thoughts on “Watch the crook, it’s important

    He’s a convicted felon, a disgrace to Louisiana and decent, law-abiding people everywhere. It sickens me to see this criminal getting royal treatment.
    Would you as eagerly promote a TV show featuring Aaron Broussard? Would you look forward to a light-hearted series starring Oliver North?
    IMO, the state should sand-blast his name off of every plaque and marker. He especially doesn’t deserve this kind of spotlight.

  2. my reaction, instead of EWE, is EWW!
    I agree with you Tim, but have to note that we DID give Ollie North his own radio show. Not to mention G. Gordon Libby. Clinton was bad for having grass in England, where it was legal, but Dubya is A-OK for having coke in Texas (not legal).
    IOKIYAR !!

  3. That show is getting tax breaks from Louisiana taxpayers.
    EE always used to say he never stole from Louisiana taxpayers (Eddie DeBartelo not being from the Gret Stet)… Welp, what’s he going to say now?

  4. My question is, what glue-sniffing idjit TV executive thought this was a good idea for a show and why is he not in a Home for the Terminally Bewildered being fed a Thorazine enema every four hours?

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