The Case of the Mormon Pirate

No, I’m not talking about Willard Mittbot Romney, I’m talking about Utah Senator Mike Lee who has a terminal case of stupid and said the following during the fake filibuster:

of how long I might serve in the United States Senate I hope one day to
be granted a letter of marque and reprisal so that I could become a
pirate as I longed to be as a child. And you’re all invited
to join me when I get that letter of marque and reprisal.”

My condolences to the Senators Udall who are related to this bombastic bozo but are not brain dead like their kissing (hissing?) pirate wannabe cousin. We can only hope that the surgery to remove Mike Lee’s head from Ted Cruz’s ass will be successful.

The only thing as over the top and bombastic as Mike Lee’s comments is this ELP song:

Avast. Ahoy. Shiver me timbers and all that shit.

3 thoughts on “The Case of the Mormon Pirate

  1. “A letter of marque and reprisal is of course effectively a hall pass issued by the United States Congress … that entitles the bearer of that hall pass to be a pirate on the high seas.”
    Uh, how is that different than the documents of incorporation that allows the corporation to do anything and everything? Including banks continuing to trade in risk investments. Including that the Oil Shell fields are still leaking. Including the rumor that Deep Water Horizon is still leaking – and even if it isn’t still leaking, that those involved (Halliburton/BP/etc.) didn’t fully compensate for the damage they did and are continuing to drill in deeper and deeper waters. That Walmart subsidizes their worker salaries by helping the workers get govt assistance. etc. etc. etc.

  2. Great album, “Works”. Reminds me of the summer after 8th grade. Heady times!
    On topic, I think collectively the country made a huge mistake letting the Birchers out of their sandbox. The only thing I agree with William Eff Buckley was when he & his buddies marginalized the Birchers back in the Fifties. Even the National Reviewers were horrified, and that’s saying something. And now look. Piss everywhere.

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