8 thoughts on “Weekend Question Thread

  1. Nothing right now…unfortunately. But as a kid all sorts of stuff, and continued through high school — but that’s at least partly because the school was small and couldn’t afford to cut folks.
    Through the 90s, I played basketball at James Madison Park — the guys called me “Vlade” because, like the NBAer, I was a tall white guy with a beard and not much vertical.
    Until really recently I played rec-league tennis, but quit. The guy managing the team was a little too hyper-competitive for my taste. It’s rec-league, not Wimbledon.
    I’s like to get back to tennis, but need to find people less concerned about winning at all costs and more into getting decent exercise and having some fun.

  2. Used to be pretty good at tennis, and taught/coached it. Now, I just run or jog. I guess I don’t like competition either.

  3. I played soccer in grade school; it was fun but I wasn’t in shape for it—though I was much better as a pyramid full back than at any position in baseball, which I played (Little League) for two seasons.
    Lately: doing Couch-to-5K training for an event next month; my wife will do a half-marathon at the same event. My preference is for bicycling. I joined a local club (not a team, exactly) and after doing a few real road tours, I’ve logged more than 1,000 miles for the year.
    I’m at my most competitive in a heated game of Mille Bornes.

  4. Sports have always struck me as rather tedious. I don’t have the necessary patience, and I never seemed to grasp the point. I go for long walks instead. There is usually all sorts of interesting stuff to see, smell and hear.

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