Scott Walker is Werner Heisenberg in “The Jobs Effect.”

It’s always someone or something else’s fault…

Scott Walker never graduated from college, or probably passed a course where the Uncertainty Principle was discussed. That said, he has no problem whatsoever blaming everyone else for the uncertainty that led to the shitty job numbers his state seems to be pumping out at a record pace:

“There’s no doubt in our first two years, because of the protests, the
recalls, that they had an impact early on. Much as there is concern
nationally about the impact of Obamacare and the impact it has on
employers, they just wonder with uncertainty.”

Right. Totally sure it was the hippies in the capitol who were singing loudly that scared off all the job-creator folk for the first two years that you were in office. Nice job, by the way, of weaving in the “impact of Obamacare” thing at the end of that quote. This will clearly excuse you from any shitty job numbers that happen over the next year or so. Glad we managed to clear that up.

But wait, why were all those people using your office as a camping ground?Oh, yeah… The uncertainty caused when you killed collective bargaining rights that were present for decades, stripped unions of their power and started jacking around everything out there that had the word “education” in it. Bet that wasn’t creating “uncertainty” for these employers.

It really doesn’t matter. This is how Governor Deadeyes rolls…

He told us originally he planned to create 250,000 new jobs in the state by the end of his first term, a ridiculous statement that defies any normal growth pattern. Now, it’s somehow not really a promise. Even more, now it’s not really even about jobs:

“When I made the promise that we would help the people of the state
create 250,000 new jobs — I made that promise four years ago, that we’d
get there by 2015 — I also as part of that said I’ll help us create
10,000 or more new (businesses) in the state.”

In a statement issued Wednesday, Walker said 11,590 new businesses have been created since he took office in January 2011.

One of the most basic rules I’ve told students is that when they fuck up, fess up. People don’t like it when you’re wrong, I explain, but people also will probably be likely to believe you later if you explain when you’ve screwed up.

Then again, this is Scott Walker we’re talking about.

6 thoughts on “Scott Walker is Werner Heisenberg in “The Jobs Effect.”

  1. Of course, the uncertainty principle, as well as most quantum mechanics, doesn’t have any common sense to it. It goes against everything we’ve ever learned about our world measured in feet and inches.
    The American Taliban believes that Dinosaurs co-existed with humans. There is even the comic Alley Oop so you can learn about it by reading it in the newspaper.
    No way possible they’re gonna accept the uncertainty principle. Or, my experience has been that if anything, they will take an extremely superficial understanding of a scientific theory, and then twist the theory so that it “proves” a crackpot idea bolstered by the appearance of being scientific.

  2. Yeah, he’s certain it’s the uncertainty.
    A genuinely strong and independent press would nail him or anyone else spewing warmed over nonsense like that to the wall. But no way our corporate media would or at this point even could call him out on that.
    And by the way, I’m not blaming individual journalists, many of whom are good, all of whom need to pay rent, eat, etc…

  3. I’m thinking we should just cancel the 2014 elections, to – you know – avoid all that uncertainty they’ll cause.

  4. OTOH – if the problem is the uncertainty, then isn’t the current battle over the budget, debt ceiling, insurance coverage a whirlwind of uncertainty?
    So why are the repubs fighting for more uncertainty?

  5. Maplestreet — that’s exactly what a free press should ask. They should also point out that the debt’s been accumulated for decades…and if they really wanted to do their job, they could point out that government debt is pretty much essential to a functional economy.(Alexander Hamilton could be a high-handed, aristocratic-minded SOB, but damn if he didn’t understand modern econ). Hell, the guys advising Reagan understood that too.
    But instead, the press phones it in: Democrats=libruls=spending, Repugs=conservatives=thrift. Then off to happy hour, I guess.

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