America Held Hostage Day 6

Other than a bit of futile procedural maneuvering, there wasn’t much news on the guvmint siege waged by House Republicans. I’ve come down with a rather nasty cold, and if I were a teanut I’d blame Obama but I’m not so I won’t. Achoo. Hey, at least Tropical Storm Karen is crapping out as I type this.

That is all.

2 thoughts on “America Held Hostage Day 6

  1. Sorry you’re under the weather but glad you’re not, um, under the weather. I used to be a little fascinated by big storms, but not at all anymore. Hit me with summer heat and humidity, fine, as long as there are no hurricanes…

  2. Surely you know that the cold is a direct plot by Boehner?
    And that the Tropical Storm was a failed attempt by Oh-Bahma to distract from the economy, but his ineptitude could only get a tropical storm? (And when you call him On-BAMA does that mean he is an Alabama fan?).
    Seriously thought, hope that you feel better. In some ways, a tropical storm might be the perfect excuse for you to lay back and nurse yourself back to health. Hope that what I’m hearing here (40 to 50 winds, daily rainfall around 3 inches) is indeed the case (assuming that like when I lived on the east coast, that this means very little damage).

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