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  1. Strictly local (as opposed to NOLA festivals)…I guess I’m partial to the annual book fest — technically a State festival, but it’s in my neighborhood.

  2. The “Birdy Verde” festival in Arizona’s Verde Valley, which, if you aren’t familiar with it, is one of the most interesting areas of the state, both ecologically and geologically. The festival runs many field trips for wildlife ecology and geology, holds classroom educational sessions, and offers the opportunity to meet birders you’ve known electronically but haven’t yet met in person. You can go birding by kayak on the Rio Verde, on horseback, by car, by train, or even the old-fashioned way, on foot. You can chase and learn about the butterflies and dragonflies of the region. There are native plant tours. You can study the geology of the Sedona red rock country, and the hydrology of the Rio Verde. One special excursion takes all day for a roundtrip to the South Rim of the Grand CaƱon for the geology and the Condors.
    I’ve been to a number of birding festivals, including the Kirtland’s Warbler Festival in Michigan, and even worked on a few, but none of those others compares to the Birdy Verde.

  3. It seems like there are a million festivals in my community every summer; but my favorite has to be the little church festival down the block. Family fun, rotisserie chicken dinner on Sunday and we are close enough (or the music is loud enough) to hear the bands in the beer tent by just opening the windows (win – win – we hear the music and there aren’t any drunks stumbling over us!)

  4. Being, essentially, a recluse, I don’t do local festivals. My goal in life is to keep an extremely low profile. Although I am occasionally forced to enjoy a brat and beer during PrairieFest in Oswego.

  5. We’re not big ones for local festivals. We have a Lavender Festival and a Crab Festival, but, for us, the big one is 4th of July. We don’t even stay up late enough for the fireworks, but we love the lines at the Safeway Starbucks where folks are loading up on hot chocolate for their children. It usually gets quite cold late at night on the 4th. We also love chatting with our friend, a local veterinarian, who goes crazy dishing out Xanax and the like for people’s pets.

  6. Funny you should ask, since CMA Fest is going on right now. But honestly, I had to cover so many festivals, fairs, concert-palooza’s, etc. when I worked for an entertainment magazine years ago that I don’t like any of them anymore. My entire spring, summer and fall was spent covering events. It sounds more fun than it was.

  7. Magazine St Blues Festival held in November in the little park (Laurence Square) at the corner of Magazine and Napoleon. Both sides of Napoleon are blocked off from Magazine to Camp (one block). It’s small, free, has only 1 stage for music, great crafts and food, and benefits our 2nd district police organization, COPS 2. And the weather is always perfect!

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