Quote Of The Day: Lapsed Republican Edition

It comes from an interview at Salon with former GOP Hill staffer turned writer, Mike Lofrgen:

These people are basically neo-Confederate insurrectionists. They are in
substantive rebellion against the early government of the country. And
one of the things I noticed — and it’s something that’s very common in
human beings — we all try to mollify or appease the crazy uncle at
Thanksgiving dinner. You know, “Don’t make a scene.” Well, I noticed in
the last few years of my service on the Hill that a number of Democrats
seemed to be afraid of Republicans. And Obama pretty much wasted his
first term trying to mollify them. I think he’s finally stumbled upon a
strategy that’s better: simply not give them what they demand. Because
this is a deliberate strategy to hold the government hostage.

It’s a long quote but a good one. Many of us have been calling the teanuts neo-Confederates for quite some time but it’s life-affirming to hear it from a former Republican insider. They’re conducting a cultural and fiscal Pickett’s charge that the MSM has no clue of how to cover. The whole thing’s irrational, which makes coming up with a solution very difficult indeed unless Speaker Boner falls on his sword and declares an open vote on a “clean” continuing resolution. It would be a good way to salvage his historical reputation and depart the Speakership with some dignity. That’s why it probably won’t happen.

I’ll let Mike Lofrgen have the last word with this pithy quote about Spray Tan John:

I’ve always regarded him [Boehner] as a typical country club Republican — and for
me, that’s not a criticism, that’s praise. He’s better than the
zealots. I would take Boehner drunk over Cruz sober.

4 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day: Lapsed Republican Edition

  1. If only Pickett’s charge redux was the fire eaters themselves, and not the fiscal solvency of the country.
    And I had a hunch Boner was your typical round of golf followed by rounds of drinks Repug. Too bad the Tea Party has his balls, um, in a tea bag, because I doubt he’d deliberately fuck up the global economy to all hell all on his own. If nothing else, it cuts into his time on the links.
    That said, he could fall on his sword, do the country a big favor, AND have plenty of time to golf, drink…write a memoir, do all the talk shows…and cry a goddamn river. That he’ll piss the nation’s future away just to hold onto his corner office with the view…is why I hate Repugs, even less odious ones like him.

  2. Interesting. Although comparing Boehner as better than Cruz is setting the bar awful low.

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