Or You Could Just Give Every Teacher $100,000

Corporate subsidies must die:

On June 11 Mayor Emanuel officially recommended giving about $5 million to Vienna Beef to move its hot dog factory from the north side to Bridgeport. The mayor hailed it as a shrewd investment that will keep at least 250 jobs in Chicago for the next 15 years.

Three days later the mayor’s school board fired Eron Easter, a 34-year-old special education teacher in a high-poverty school in Humboldt Park. Easter was one of 850 Chicago Public Schools employees fired by the mayor when he closed 50 schools.

250 whole jobs, huh? Wow, that’s like $200,000 per job! What a fucking bargain! I swear to you, this game of bribing companies to “keep jobs here” is the biggest goddamn scam.

Plus apparently teachers don’t have jobs, and those jobs don’t need to be saved.



4 thoughts on “Or You Could Just Give Every Teacher $100,000

  1. Chicago has highest unemployment of 5 largest metros in USA. Rahm is shitting the bed big time. Can we please make Hillary President tomorrow so Rahm can go be Asshat Czar or whatever?

  2. There’s a typo somewhere. Either it’s 50 million to make the move, 25 jobs, or 20 thousand per job. I think Montag said it best, though.

  3. Gee, a net loss of 600 jobs, and all it cost was $5 million.
    Why, for $100 million, Chicago could lose 12,000 jobs. For less than the city got in the parking meter boondoggle, it could eliminate every job in the region.
    That Rahm Emanuel, he’s one sharp operator, ain’t he?

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