Quote Of The Day

It comes from TPM’s David Kurtz:

It’s getting hard to keep track of the hostage metaphors here, but if I have this right then the latest from Boehner
means the House GOP is keeping both hostages — government shutdown and
debt limit — but has agreed not to shoot the debt limit in the head
for another six weeks.

Kurtz is right and not remotely lost in the jungle…

3 thoughts on “Quote Of The Day

  1. Those asshole GOPers need to be asked, on air:
    “Under what circumstances would you let the US government default on its debt?”
    …and *pin*them*down* until they answer the question. The answer would either expose the CrAZy to full view, or release the hostage.

  2. Isn’t “in exchange for budget negotiations” Boehner speak for what in English would be said “in exchange for total and unconditional surrender”?
    How many problems do we have clogging the pipes that were the refuse that we “kicked the can down the road” previously? Right now we have the combination of the debt ceiling and the budget – both of which came up early and were similarly temporarily delayed. Now the economy is taking not only the hit from the past 2 weeks, but also will take the same hit in, say 6 months, when these 2 problems come back up plus some other problem they have “kicked the can down the road” on.
    And as implied in your note and the linked article, doing it this way seems a cynical way of making sure to continue to hold the people hostage over the budget and debt ceiling (apparently to try to wait till enough things change that they can get rid of the ACA??)

  3. Taking the budget hostage mostly hurts the poors and working peeps.
    Taking the debt ceiling hostage would hurt their donors, and the Koch bros made it clear that that hostage will shoot them.

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