America Held Hostage Day 15


The Senate *may* have a budget deal as I write this, but whether it will pass muster with the crazy caucusis unclear. It looks as if my prediction that the stupid would have receded by today was overly optimistic. Mea culpa. Here’s why: the GOP has spent years pandering to the neo-Confederate, neo-Bircher, and teabagger wing of their party, so it’s not easy to turn on a dime and tell those irredentist cocksuckers to wake up and smell the fucking coffee. Where’s Ann Landers when you need her? And I mean the *real* Ann Landers. Where have you gone Eppie Lederer, a nation turns its lonely eyes to you or is that Joe Dimaggio? Nah, Eppie was a librul whereas Joltin’ Joe was a selfish, greedy bastard who would have fit in nicely with today’s Me Party.

My constituents are dumbshits: John Fleming represents Northwestern Louisiana in Congress. He’s a physician/bidnessman without the sense to come in out of the rain during a monsoon. Why are all the doctors in the House dumbshits? I’ve known some right wing docs but very few idiotic ones ala Paul Broun and this maroon. I guess it’s a Southern thang. Anyway, Fleiming is convinced that *all* of his constituents are as obessesed with the ACA as he is:

“In my district, last week I had a tele-townhall, and the subject was
the shutdown. You know what? People in my district didn’t know that
there was a shutdown, or didn’t care that there was a shutdown. They
wanted to talk about Obamacare. My district has more Democrats than
Republicans and it has one of the highest proportion of
African-Americans of any district held by a Republican.”

You know “those people” don’t pay attention to the news. Shutdown? What shutdown. I wish “those people” would turn out and vote this stupid sumbitch out of office but the Democrats in his district include rednecks who are too lazy to change their party affiliation That concludes this installment of stereotype theatre.

Today’s reading assignment: It’s no mystery that Charlie Pierce is a master whom I revere and steal from at every opportunity. His post about the Sunday shows on Monday, Monday (can’t trust that day) this week was a masterpiece even for the master. I’ll stop saying master now…

For those of you who haven’t been reading Salonista and former TPMer, Brian Beutler, you really oughta, and his piece about neo-Confederatesis an excellent place to start. Yeah, I’m as obsessed with the neo-Confederates as they are with birtherism and ranting and raving about Yankees, and I’m not talking about the team A-Rod kinda sorta plays for…

I hope that this feature will soon be a thing of the past and I can get back to malakatude, cat blogging, pulp fiction and trolling Jude. Of course that all depends on Speaker Boner getting his shit together, which means we might still be in deep shit and sinking fast on D-Day: October, 17.

U.S. Blues: Finally, the wingnuts have cooked up a fakakta-n-cockamamie conspiracy theorythat the Confederate flag at Cruz-Lee-Palin fest was planted by liberals. This is not only fakakta, it’s kaka unless, of course, some stoned hippie was inspired by this song and simply brought the wrong flag:

They also might have been *really* wasted and mistaken the cross of St. Andrew for St. Stephen with a rose:

One thought on “America Held Hostage Day 15

  1. If the rebel flags were plants by conservatives, doesn’t it seem strange that a group of WWII vets, who were being very vocal about how they stepped forward to serve their country, didn’t at least suggest that those flags be furled?
    BTW – saw an article that the organizers of the “Million Veterans” (give or take a few orders of magnitude) have come out and criticized Cruz, Pallin, et al. for taking what was planned as a non-partisan event.
    And RE: Townhall. If I lived in his district, I wouldn’t see a lot of value in showing up for his townhall. My anticipation would be a room of 60 Tea Baggers and myself. No need to try to voice my opinion as the crowd would shout me down at the first sign of any concerns that don’t fit their enclosed world.
    Then there is the all too human lack of perception for ideas which don’t match one’s own opinions. Remember, the earth is flat and doesn’t move.
    (my district isn’t quite as bad as him, but I’ve made the same decision on various similar meetings).

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