America Held Hostage Day 16


I’ve been doing a John Boehner impression when it comes to writing this post. No, I’m not crying, muttering, or spray tanning, I’ve been procrastinating and waiting until the last minute. And since I attended a Krewe of Spank meeting last night, I had a beer or three or maybe even four. I also had a conversation with my good friend Greg, and we agreed that, while this clusterfuck *used* to be funny, it’s not funny any more. The GOP is dying a death of a thousand cuts but the country is being harmed as well. Speaker Boner’s inability to control his caucus or to hold a free vote is procrastination run amuck and amuck is amuck or is that enough is enough?

You know things are bad when someone-hell, anyone-makes Chinless Mitch look good but House Gopers have succeeded in doing so. I worked on Capitol Hill many moons ago and I’ve always preferred the less pretentious lower house to the stuffy and pompous Senate but right now I want those fuckers in the House to do what’s right for the country instead of getting played by Ted Cruz. They have so little regard for their own institution that they’re allowing a freshman Senator to meddle in the affairs of the House. Any member with a lick of sense or any pride would have told Cruz where to get off. Unfortunately, they have no sense, no pride and they’re inflicting needless pain on millions of people and all in the name of their crazed and incoherent ideology. There’s a special circle in hell for people like this and I wish they’d go straight there.

That is all.

One thought on “America Held Hostage Day 16

  1. I sense you’re blocking; tell us how you really feel.
    I saw a post at Daily Kos yesterday. Apparently Boehner has appointed a 13-member committee of House members who must pass on continuing resolution or debt ceiling proposals before he’ll bring them to a floor vote. Seven of those 13 are Tea Baggers, so guess what? Yup. And Boehner keeps popping out of his bottle to give us all the long face and say that an agreement can’t be reached. What he doesn’t say is that he has voluntarily tied the House to the railroad tracks as the freight train bears down on us all. This is something you’d think the popular media would mention in their reporting on this fustercluck.
    I hope there is a steep price to be paid by the Republicans in 2014.

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