‘Low Calibre American Lawmakers’

Mark Kirk, sit down like you supposed to:

“David Cameron must choose between two Conservative legacies,” thunders Senator Kirk, “that of Winston Churchill or that of Neville Chamberlain.”

Really? At Munich 1938 Hitler was already embarked on his wars of conquest. He’d left the League of Nations, had occupied the Rhineland, annexed Austria, and was poised to invade Czechoslovakia.

Iran has not invaded another country in the last 170 years and is not threatening to do so now. It as one of the original signatories of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty in 1968 and submits its nuclear facilities to international inspection.

The analogy with Hitler and appeasement (which was also used by neo-Conservatives ahead of the Iraq War) is tired and feeble.

As for his remark about Iran’s facilitation of al Qaeda, this shows that Senator Kirk deserves to be dismissed as an ignoramus whose advice on tying one’s shoes should be treated with the utmost caution.

Yeah, you can’t make Hitler comparisons to people whose country was, you know, bombed by Hitler, and expect them not to call you out for the braying jackass that you are.


3 thoughts on “‘Low Calibre American Lawmakers’

  1. Whoa, Anthony, settle down, dude. You may want to consider going offline for a while.

  2. But, but, but, but we are in a siege mentality that is looking forward to Armageddon in the middle east.
    Of course we have a lot of history. For some reason we forget all the meddling the USA and British did in the region fro dividing the area into arbitrary countries to assassinating the leaders we didn’t like and propping up leaders we liked (and our like or dislike had to do with their support of us. Had absolutely nothing to do with how they treated their people.)
    For 8 years they were GWB’s axis of evil and are therefore vilified in the Tea Bag mind.
    So now we have an offer of serious talks. Sure we’ll have to build trust. But, as St. Ronnie said, “Trust but verify.”

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