Come to A Book Reading Tonight!

No, for once I’m not pimping my own stuff.This is the lovely Mary Donnelly’s new book:

Few acts have as mythical a history as the Illinois power pop band Shoes. From their legendary living-room-produced breakthrough Black Vinyl Shoes, through the trio of gems recorded for Elektra Records, and back to their DIY roots, Shoes’ path has not always been straight, but they have nevertheless managed to create some of the finest records the genre has ever produced. In Boys Don’t Lie, pop blogger Mary Donnelly and Moira McCormick breaks through the myth to tell the real story. With a naïve faith in themselves and their music, Shoes set out to make the kind of records they liked, finding themselves accidentally part of a movement that both fed and swamped them. Withdrawing from the scene, they settled in to form their own studio and label, sharing their distinctive DIY ethos with the next generation of alternative artists. Now elder statesmen of the alt-pop scene, Shoes continues their enduring legacy of friendship and music.

This book traces the history of this unusual and influential musical group. More than just the history of a single group, Boys Don’t Lie explores the broader history of the music industry over the last forty years: the technological and commercial upheavels that have buffeted both the major labels and the independents.

The Book Cellar in Lincoln Park, 7 p.m.


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  1. I interviewed those guys over the phone for my college radio station when their first Elektra record came out, c. 1980. Talented musicians and, it seemed to me during the phone conversation, very nice guys.

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