Malaka Of The Week: Sharon Schuetz

There’s a new truther bandwagon pulling into the station, if, in fact, bandwagons pull into stations but that’s neither here nor there. Recently, a pregnant woman fainted at the White House while the President was holding a ACA press event. According to this week’s “honoree”Dr. Sharon Schuetz it’s part of some deep dark plot:

For some strange reason, Obama has to have props around him when he does
one of his con-jobs in the Rose Garden, or wherever he chooses to
receive his worshipers. This was no different, except that he had
animated props this time. Although it was well staged there were enough
holes in this little scene to drive the proverbial truck through.

It is obvious that there are quite a few people involved in this
latest fraud put out by the Whitehouse. Why did Obama think it was
necessary to “catch” a fainting woman just when he said the words, “To
free families from the pervasive fear that one illness…?” He said it,
and down she went. Well not actually down. She just weaved and wobbled a
little and never quite fainted. And, consequently, Obama never actually
caught her. He turned around and put his hand on her shoulder as if to
steady her and turned back to the camera to make sure it got a clear
shot of his “rescue” efforts.

You will see in the following video that the pregnant woman is
standing with a friend who is holding her hand with her arm wrapped
around her waist. That is until she starts to “faint”. Then she steps
slightly aside and never even looks at the women she is holding. She
smiles a nervous smile for the camera because she has done her part in
this extremely poorly orchestrated drama.

Schuetz is the founder of something called Lady Patriots and given their teabaggery and support for the recent shutdown, they are neither. I declined to call her Dr. more than once since she has a degree in “clinical Christian counseling” from an unlisted (on her site) school. I guess she got her doctorate in a Cracker Jack box or at some biblethumper college. If she were an MD, I’d call her a quack but since she’s not I’ll call her a malaka.

I’m not quite sure where to begin in detailing Schuetz’s malakatude but the whole thing about “props” is a good place to start. The evil, Marxist, mau mau, Nazi President didn’t invent staged photo ops or press events, they’ve been with us forever. Saint Ronnie’s media Mephistopheles, Mike Deaver, was a master of political stagecraft. He was the man behind Reagan kicking off his 1980 General Election campaign in Philadelphia, MS to send a signal to the neo-Confederates that the genial Reagan was down with the redneck homies.

I could go into some detail about Schuetz’s egregious nuttery but why expend brain cells on sheer nonsense? The mere thought gives me the vapors. Here’s the deal: pregnant women get light headed and faint even outside of the ante-bellum or post-bellum South. (Hmm, I wonder if they ever wear bellum bottoms?) And when people faint, the guy next to them catches them and prevents them from falling. It’s that simple. It takes a nasty, conspiratorial turn of mind to think that President Obama is incapable of simple human decency or of staging such an event. That’s the state of “conservatism” in America today: everything’s a plot.

Every time I take a dip into the shallow end (intellectually) of the wingnut pool I admire Tommy T even more for doing it on a regular basis. Truthers like Schuetz are toxic, browsing her site made me feel the need to be deloused and that’s why she’s the malaka of the week.

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  1. Ah yes, the presidential props. I’m sure the bad doctor has whole sections of her website devoted to “Mission Accomplished”; clearing brush at the Bush “ranch” at Prairie Chapel (did you see what he did there with the title of his ranch, winkwink): trail biking where nobody was allowed to get ahead of Little Boots, not even Lance Armstrong; and the never tiresome gibes by Bush about the genius he was sharing a stage with, but look at the C student who’s president, yuk, yuk.
    Oh she doesn’t? I’m flabbergasted.

  2. I went back in time because the wingers have disavowed President Beavis. Besides, one can never mention Philadelphia MS and the Reagan campaign too many times for my taste.

  3. The “Doctor” got her “PhD from Cornerstone University of Lake Charles LA. It is not accredited by any known organization except “The National Christian Counselors Association (NCCA)”.
    Kind of like Rand Paul starting his own Medical Board in order to call himself “Board Certified”.
    It looks like a Christian diploma mill to me. There are also “Cornerstone Universities” in Grand Rapids, Kalamazoo, Holland and Lansing MI. Looks like a chain using not for profit tax exemptions.

  4. Took while but I found this:
    Bush “spontaneous” teleconference with troops in Iraq staged.
    “BARBER (video clip): All right. But if he gives us a question that’s not something that we’ve scripted, Captain Kennedy, you are going to have that mike, and that’s your chance to impress us all. Master Sergeant Lombardo, when you’re talking about the president coming to see you in New York, take a little breath before that so you can actually be talking directly to him. You’ve got a real message there, OK?”
    Not to mention using the troops as props (along with a plastic turkey) for some good holiday PR.

  5. Ms Schuetz gives those of us with faux degrees a bad rap, but I do admire her chutzpah for not being ashamed of using it to signify her imaginary intellectual status.

  6. A lady who was pregnant and had diabetes fainted. Obama happened to be in the way so he probably reflexively caught her (which was also the gentlemanly thing to do).
    Why do the repubs hate this so much? Seems a good example that if Obama does it, it must be evil, Nazi, Mau-Mau, etc.
    BTW – I assume you’ve also seen the news of Pallin making fun of the lady for fainting (kind of reminds me of Limbaugh’s making extreme jerky movements in a “parody” of Michael Fox’s – due to Parkinson’s). The same Pallin who vigorously reacted to the media asking about baby Trig.

  7. BTW – in most states, you can call yourself a counselor without the need for any credentials at all.

  8. It seems that Dr. Schuetz claims a PhD in clinical psychology, rather than clinical Christian counseling, and that thus she is a psychologist.
    As m stated above, Dr. Schuetz got her PhD in clinical Christian counseling from Cornerstone University. This mostly online university has seven people employed in Lake Charles, LA. The nonprofit university has been accredited by the National Christian Counselors Association. The NCCA, in turn, has been accredited by Accrediting Commission International. This, in the words of various Internet bloggers, is a very bad sign for an accrediting agency; i.e. they accredit anything. It seems that the whole field of study has been around for about forty years, and is trying to legitimate itself.

  9. As the husband of a REAL counselor, I urge you, please, to check to make sure any clinical mental-health counselor you might consult is both licensed by your state and, preferably, certified by the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC), which makes counselors take tests and everything. Just sayin’.

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