These Commenters on the Zimmerman Trial Make the Freepi Look Like Gandhi

Tommy T, I promise never to make you do an obssession with the Daily Caller commenters.

Holy Jesus. It’s not even nutpicking. Every third comment is like this, on a story about police preparing for potential unrest after the Zimmerman verdict:

These savages need a bullet to their heads…People are not going to put up with these animals anymore and they will hopefully be meeting their maker and then Satan !!! So sick of these barbarians killing themselves and innocent others…TM was a thug and got what was coming to him…end of story.

and Trayvon will be rotting in his grave knowing he f u ked with the wrong guy…RIP thug.

Got my own Zimmerman Response Program…a Concealed Carry Permit for my S&W .38, Glock 40, and a Kel-Tec .32. And, that’s just what I carry on my person. That’s how I roll!

Operation Jungle Boogie?

I hope the country’s Wal-Marts are well stocked with TVs and Nikes. There will be a great run on them if the verdict is innocent.

I really do think black people want to be given carte blanche to do anything without any backlash because their ancestors were once sold into slavery. I didn’t used to think that but their behavior over this and OJ Simpson point to something that seems rooted in the black community. It’s going to get even more difficult for America to keep it together when the federal government executive branch, the police force, FBI, CIA, media race baiters, IRS and others are working against us. All they need now is the military and they can say they brought the USA down.

I think it’s a sad day when as a country we have to worry about a court verdict because of the fear that monkeys might act like they’re back in the jungle.

Every. Third. One.


4 thoughts on “These Commenters on the Zimmerman Trial Make the Freepi Look Like Gandhi

  1. I think that George Zimmerman is guilty simply because he chose to disregard the police dispatchers instructions not to follow Trayvon. Had Zimmerman stayed in his car and waited for police, Trayvon would still be alive!!! George Zimmerman profiled Trayvon and was the initial aggressor, period!!! Furthermore, the man and his wife lied to the court once which makes the man a liar in my book!!!

  2. Wow — “carte blanche to do anything without any backlash…” — yeah, anything…like going to a convenience store and then back to your home without being shot.
    Yeah, that sure was selfish of Trayvon Martin, expecting to be able to get away with that.

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