Big Scoop: Pinhead Pundits Wrong About Everything Political Ever


With all that said though, Riser hit McAllister hard as a crypto-supporter of Obamacare and this was seen going into last night’s vote as thedefining issue in the race. And McAllister won handily.

You mean to say maybe all the Democratic panic over Obamacare being an utter LUZER on the campaign trail and oh my god we’d all better jump ship and trying to give people health insurance is JUST LIEK HITLER and let’s never do anything big ever again because it’s just too hard and too risky and nobody will like us and David Gregory will say mean things might just be TOTALLY INSANE BULLSHIT? You gotta be kidding me. That’s never happened before.

If I didn’t write as much as I normally would about how ridiculously absurd the Democratic ship-abandoning has been, it’s because I’m usually sitting here with my mouth open going what, what, WHAT? at everything last week. I mean it, what?Take it away, NANCY SMASH:

“What’s important about it is that the American people are well-served, not who gets re-elected,” Pelosi said about Obamacare on NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

Problems with the rollout of the Affordable Care Act, including thousands of cancellation notices sent to consumers with plans from the individual marketplace, have Democrats up for re-election in 2014 worried about their chances at the polls. On Friday, 39 Democratsvoted for a Republican bill that allows insurers to renew plans canceled under the new law and offer those plans to new customers.

Those 39 people in particular should be forced to wear t-shirts that say I WANT YOUR INSURANCE COMPANY TO KEEP SCREWING YOU. They should have to wear them in Washington, on the House floor, while campaigning, and while going to the grocery store. Those 39 people should be forced to explain during every interaction with a constituent why they’re knuckling under to rapacious, greedy bastards in insurance offices who are using the measly, half-a-loaf regulation they’ve been asked oh-so-politely to comply with is now an excuse to even further fuck over people who THEY’RE ALREADY SCREWING.

Those 39 people should be asked why insurance companies are being given the benefit of the doubt that is not even remotely ever even once extended to those who want to stop that market from preying on the poor and limited, and why Kathleen Sebelius and Obama can’t get cut a fraction of the slack we routinely grant oh, I don’t know, military contractors, past presidents by the name of Bush and Reagan, and every architect of the Iraq war who is not currently in prison WHICH IS ALL OF THEM.

Those 39 people shoudl be tattooed, somewhere regularly visible, with I AM A GODDAMN COWARD, and be forced to fetch coffee and hookers for however many programmers and government employees are trying to fix the damn web site, because that at least would be a useful expenditure of their time on this planet. And when some reporter or some Republican asks them if maybe we should pet the insurance companies more and give them more time to cope, those 39 people should be forced to explain that JUST BLOW ME, OKAY.