Malaka Of The Week: Joel DiGrado

Joel DiGrado is Rep. Bill Cassidy’s campaign manager. Cassidy is the Red Stick based GOP challenger to Senator Mary Landrieu. I’d never heard of DiGrado until today.He got on my radar screen by tweeting this image of, uh, “MussoLandrieu” after the Senator voted aye on filibuster reform:


The image comes from the right wing Louisiana political blog The Hayride, and is actually kind of funny. Joel DiGrado’s malakatude is not in finding this amusing but in tweeting a link to the image when he’s her main opponent’s campaign manager. It, of course, makes it look like the Cassidy camp thinks Landrieu is a quasi-crypto-pseudo-Fascist when we all know the *real* American Mussolini is Dick Cheney who I’ve been calling Vice President Duce for years. Also, Mary has much better hair than Musso, or Cheney for that matter.

The Cassidy camp has yet to respond to press inquiries about DiGrado’s tweet but I cannot wait to hear how they spin it. It won’t be as funny as Bitter Vitter’s hooker press conference but it will be amusing nonetheless.

Mary Landrieu has always been lucky in her political opponents. Her first race was against uber-wingnut and anti-choice extremist Woody Jenkins and her subsequent challengers were uninspiring to say the least. Her races, however, have always been close since the Gret Stet has gotten redder and redder in recent years.

Senator Landrieu was having a bad few weeks because of the problems with the ACA, so her camp should thank DiGrado for being the latest person to do something stupid, impulsive, and malaka of the week worthy on the Tweeter Tube. This affair will blow over, but it provided some comic relief on a solemn anniversary. Thanks Malaka Joel.

One thought on “Malaka Of The Week: Joel DiGrado

  1. Laff. The high contrast and low angle makes Landrieu look a little like an older Jennifer Lawrence — not a bad thing with the latter promoting a blockbuster movie.
    But since the Pic and the Advocate have nothing, I’ll assume this fades within a news cycle or two. Stupid yes, but unlikely to stick to Cassidy. Oh well.
    That said, it’s Bill Cassidy…about as non-entity as it gets. Cassidy almost makes Richard Baker look good.

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