Mark Halperin is Now Writing My Fanfic

SeriouslyhowdumbareyouSeriously, how dumb are you?

Sorry to say that this just proves what an idiot Halperin is. Granted, I’d love for Big John to get another crack at the Big Job, and he would have been an extraordinary president, and he’s kicking serious ass at the job he has now, all of that. But absolutely no one else thinks this is a good idea, even Kerry:

“Let me just say quickly, if Hillary Clinton doesn’t run for president I bet you John Kerry does,” Mark Halperin declared on MSNBC.

The comment was at first met with silence, followed by awkward laughter from the Washington Post’s Chris Cillizza — reactions that underscore how there’s been virtually no chatter about another White House bid for the Massachusetts senator and current secretary of state.

“That’s a first,” host Andrea Mitchell said in response.

When creatures like Mitchell and Cilizza are both like, “Oh honey, NO” it is time to rethink your choice of career.

Not that it will stop journalism schools from continuing to ask him to give speeches about what an influential political journalist he is.