Frank Davis, R.I.P.

If you’re not one of my New Orleans readers, you may be scratching your head and axing yourself, who the hell is Frank Davis. But if you’re a New Orleanian, past or present, it’s a big story.Frank Davis was a much loved broadcaster who died last night at the age of 71.

Frank was sui generis as a teevee features reporter/personality for WWL-TV. He did humorous features under the rubric Naturally N’Awlins. He was also the fish and game guy as well as doing a weekly cooking segment on the top rated WWL morning news. He did everything with good cheer and earthy wit, which made him theYat’s Yat.

One thing many folks don’t know about my city is how good the local teevee news is here; even the crap stations are pretty darn good and Frank worked for the behemoth of NOLA teevee, WWL. Even in that context, Frank stood out and after Katrina and the Federal Flood, he did some outstanding hard news reporting on the impact of the storm on the environment and local food industry. Frank could do it all. He will be missed.

Here’s how WWL remembered Frank on the air last night:

2 thoughts on “Frank Davis, R.I.P.

  1. Nice homage Peter. Frank will be missed. I pickup up many cooking and fishing tips from Frank.

  2. As someone who isn’t from New Orleans (Boston area), I moved down here in 1975 and grew to love the personalities of the TV stations: Hap Glaudi, Buddy-D, Angela and Garland,Frank Davis and Hoda Kotb.
    My heart hurts for the loss of Frank. He was an effervesent (sp) personality,so full of joy.
    Thanks for this tribute.

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