Sunday Morning Video: Come Dine With Me-Ealing

Come Dine With Meis a long running British comedy/cooking/game/competition show featuring a group of strangers cooking for one another. BBC America ran it for awhile before they became obsessed with Top Gear. A YouTuber has posted a bevy of episodes, This one features an expatriate black American, a Tory activist, a yuppie fitness fanatic, and a left wing school teacher. There’s now an American version on Lifetime and it’s pretty darn good although the comedic narrator isn’t as funny as Dave Lamb on the original. They really should have hired Kevin (Tom Servo) Murphy or maybe even me:

One thought on “Sunday Morning Video: Come Dine With Me-Ealing

  1. The only worthwhile British food shows are the ones with the BBC’s professional lesbian dreamboat Sue Perkins.
    Seriously, the Super Sizers series wherein Sue and Giles inhabited and dined within different historical eras was fantastic. (stupid name, great series)

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