Feature, Not Bug

Notorious R.B.G., in her dissent from the batshit wing of the Supreme Court: 

  • "Any decision to use contraceptives made by a woman covered under Hobby Lobby's or Conestoga's plan will not be propelled by the Government, it will be the woman's autonomous choice, informed by the physician she consults."

That's their WHOLE FUCKING PROBLEM WITH IT. That's the problem: Women, making their own choices. They don't WANT THAT. They want to make the choices. They want to be able to say, you do this and not that. They want to be able to say, your right to privacy ends where my pervy thoughts begin, and this is about as complicated as it gets. 

I'm sorry for yelling, but for FUCK'S SAKE. Does anybody really not get where we are right now? "Religious freedom" now means "my freedom to be untroubled by anything that challenges or differs from me" and "individual responsibility" means "I got mine" and "rights" mean nothing if you're anything other than a rich white dude.

No offense, I feel compelled to say, to rich white dudes, lest they become oppressed by a mean hashtag on Twitter or something, and feel something akin to constraint on their speech or movement or ability to do whatever the fuck without hearing a word to the contrary of their every goddamn fucking wish. I can't imagine how bad that might make them feel, after all. 

I am so tired of this neediness, I really am. I am so tired of hearing people who have everything in the world that a person needs to feel secure complain that they need more, that they need universal approbation, that they need to grind in their heels while stepping over the bodies of those who are not worthy. I am so tired of it not being enough, you have all the money and power, now you need all the love, too.

You need to make sure not only can nobody do anything about your position, now they can't even think disagreeable thoughts about it in their own heads. Now they can't even go against your beliefs without you even knowing about it because you might know about it and you might in some way touch the very same pennies they touch when they pay for things you don't like. It's exhausting, exhausting in my fucking bones, being around it. All the feelings, all the beliefs, all the sincere imaginary convictions of people who have nothing else to worry about besides making sure everybody else has everything to worry about, and the idea that these things, these words, this fucking air, trumps anybody's goddamn life

This is a problem, other people making their own choices, because it means other people might exist, and think, and breathe, and feel, too. And have sincere convictions, too. And be able to take care of themselves. And be real people, almost just like you. That would blow your mind apart, so better to make sure everybody lives by your rules, so you don't have to think about them at all. 


3 thoughts on “Feature, Not Bug

  1. Preach it, sister.
    The Supremes today announced o by the way it ain’t just those four methods of birth control, it’s all methods.
    But no corporation will ever have to stand up and pledge allegiance to the United States or to defend its constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic, nor even make sure that it honestly reports its income for taxation by the government whose services it takes for granted, even now including the ability to dictate to its workers how to spend the wages they earn working for it.
    These “one-off” five-four majority votes? That ought to be AUTOMATIC grounds for appeal.

  2. There’s a word for people who demand to be admired for intentionally harming other people: sociopaths.

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