Hobby Jobbed

You know, I would really like my daughter to grow up in a world where she's a person. If old men could get pregnant you could get abortions at Citgo. 

Therefore, what driftglass said. 


4 thoughts on “Hobby Jobbed

  1. Maitri says:

    “Which would seem to indicate that it matters who appoints Supreme Court justices.”
    I’m confused about this whole separate branches of government thing. Also about liberal activist judges.

  2. maplestreet says:

    Best question I’ve seen asked about it so far, does this mean if your boss is Jehovah’s Witness that your insurance doesn’t pay for blood transfusion ? Some religious communities are against vaccines – so those are no longer on the insurance policy ? Or religions where one respects life to the point of attempting not to step on a bug – wouldn’t that mean they could take antibiotics off the policy ?
    Or to broaden that, are the things that can be withheld from insurance policies only those things which WASP churches don’t cotton to ? Or could a boss of any religion, no matter how fringe, be allowed to pick and choose what the policy covers ?
    Of course, this is also getting awful close to the establishment of a religion.

  3. driftglass says:

    Thank you for the honor, m’dear!

  4. Lex says:

    @maplestreet: Alito’s opinion basically said that because it was the Greens’ sincerely held belief that morning-after pills and IUDs are abortifacients, then, well, they ARE, and damn the science that says otherwise. So we’re not “awful close,” we are there. Would that ’twere otherwise.

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