You’re Paying Either Way

The anti-tax small-goverment teawads never do get this through their thick skulls:

This is the most telling part of the article and helps show the damage really done by Act 10:

Leah Lipska, the president of Local 1, scoffs at Mr. Walker’s famous suggestion that public employees are the “haves” in society, noting that many earn less than $35,000 a year. And the law, says Ms. Lipska, an information systems technician with the state corrections system, has made things much worse.

“My family is now on food stamps,” said Ms. Lipska, a mother of three who earns $18.62 an hour. (Her husband’s computer installation business is struggling.)

Wisconsin taxpayers are now still paying for Lipska’s full salary and benefits, but are also now paying for her family’s food stamps. Instead of saving money as Walker and the Teapublicans are claiming, it is actually forcing taxpayers to pay even more.

We’re none of us alone, is what this comes down to. All the rest of this is bullying and noise and fear. If you’re alone, after all, if it’s all up to you, then nobody can hurt you but you, so I get it. Trust me, do I ever get it. It sounds so much easier if you don’t have to worry about anybody else letting you down, if the only fuckups setting you back are your own.

But never in the history of the world has this been true.

There is no way out of paying for somebody else. There is no way to live in our society completely independent of everybody else. You drive on the roads, you drink the water, you nod hello at your neighbor in the morning, and every time you put gas in your tank you’re a part of something. You can either suck it up and admit that, and sit down and figure out the best way for us all to get what we need, or we can keep having these stupid fights and talking about MAH TAX DOLLAHS buying T-bone steaks and shit.

You’re paying for it either way, so the only real question is how much of an asshole you want to be in the process.


One thought on “You’re Paying Either Way

  1. so true.
    I keep wondering if climate change is going to change this, because extreme weather events is like war — no-one can make it alone.
    Anyhow, as far as I can tell, all libertarians are single white guys. Usually with what used to be known as Asberger’s.

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